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All About Del Ray Food Swaps

If you enjoy growing herbs and vegetables in your backyard, fermenting pickles, culturing cheese and yogurt, canning jams and jellies, making soup and sauces, baking, learning new cooking techniques and sharing homegrown, homemade and hand-foraged foods, you’ll want to be a part of a Del Ray Food Swap.

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A food swap is a great way to meet your neighbors and get inspired to try new foods and cooking techniques. Best of all, at the end of a swap, you’ll go home with a bunch of homemade and homegrown foods to enjoy.


How it Works

Simply bring your homegrown or homemade item to the next food swap (scroll down for more info about upcoming swaps), carefully packaged in individual containers. Label each container and include any applicable use-by dates.


del ray food swap, winter 2013

The number of items you bring is the number of items you can swap. So if you bring eight jars of jam, you can trade with eight people. You can also make deals with other swappers if a one-for-one trade doesn’t seem even, e.g., two jars of pickles for one apple pie, whatever both parties agree upon.


How to Get Involved

Food Swaps are open to all but held by invitation only. We host four food swaps a year, one each season. Contact for information about upcoming swaps and to get on our email list.


Local Business Sponsorship Opportunities

We’d love to partner with your local business on an upcoming food swap. Contact for details.

del ray food swap, winter 2013

Past Swaps

For even more information, click the links to read about our past food swaps.

Swapping Items and Recipes

Here is a list of some of the items people have brought to the food swaps with links to recipes provided by the swappers. If you have attended a swap and would like to share a recipe, please send to