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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 | 1 comment

Studio Tour: Painter Remy Lavelle

Studio Tour: Painter Remy Lavelle

You are bound to meet Remy if you’re in town and find yourself in UpCycle Creative Reuse Center (CRC) in Alexandria, where she is store manager. Remy is a recent graduate of the Corcoran School of Art & Design. When she invited us out to her studio for a tour, we were eager to see her finished work and works-in-progress.


Remy mainly works in oils and acrylics, but also mixed media to add texture and to accentuate the deeper meaning in her work. “I try to recreate a memory that will fade in time,” she says. “This is an attempt to document my own memories with respect to the memories of objects that came before me. Through the simple act of stitching, knotting, and applying paint, I attempt to weave these materials together in a way that respects them and the time we share together.”



Since graduating, Remy’s work has evolved to a more sculptural surface. She’s working on new work in her studio that is more layered, constructed with fabric that she shapes into a three-dimensional pod of sorts. These works can physically hold their own weight with the help of simple nails or tacks, but instead are held with copper hooks akin to meat hooks. “Their own weight and the physical memories of myself and the people they imply,” she explains, “speak to a story narrated and led in the first person. These stories or documents depict life – with all its hardship, family, sorrow, and joy as I understand it thus far.”


In making this piece, she says, “I thought of a creche or memorial – the holding of something or cherishing it as one would a child and the responsibility and love and care.”



The work begs to be examined closely.


Remy is exploring the idea of allowing both sides of the work to be shown – allowing viewers to lift up the work themselves is something she’s considering in the future.


In her studio, she keeps carefully curated books and displays images and objects that are meaningful to her and help inform the work. She also keeps a cabinet of tiny, meticulously labelled items that she often works into her pieces.




For more images from Remy’s portfolio and to contact her to ask questions or seek a commission, see her website.

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  1. I am the proud owner of two of Remy’s works. To me, Remy and her works are spontaneous celebrations of the mysterious…

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