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Posted by on Jan 10, 2017 | 4 comments

Brad and Heather’s DIY Wooden Porch Remodel

Brad and Heather’s DIY Wooden Porch Remodel

I did a double-take the first time I drove past Brad and Heather’s home and noticed their handsome gleaming wood porch. Later, I learned that they designed and built it themselves and were willing to share their experience with us. Here is the porch the way it looked when they first purchased their home.


Brad initially did his planning on paper and with computer software. He went through many drafts before​ c​oming up with the perfect design. Once they had the final plan, Brad spent several months ​drawing the interlocking wood panels using a key to indicate the differen​t e​lements. They then ordered enough white oak to build the railings and to replace the ​five original pillar​s that were removed. They salvaged the old yellow pine for other DIY projects.​




While Brad worked on the wood pieces, Heather prepared the flooring by removing many layers of paint by using a floor grinder and pressure washer​.


They installed slate tiles, a choice they admitted to regretting since they said it was very challenging making the tiles level and cutting end pieces. But, when all is said and done, it sure looks gorgeous, and they are very glad that they invested the time and energy to make the porch perfect​​.


For more than a year​,​ Brad spent ​free weekend​s​ in his basement woodworking shop using ​some​ of his father’s tools.​
He quickly​ realized that production efficiency and uniformity was important to produce the numerous repeated components.


Brad pointed out the lap and tongue-and-groove joints,​ intricate ​method​s​ of woodworking that create very strong, concealed joints.


The final look is impressive, unique, and utterly beautiful.




Brad suggests that anyone who is considering taking on such a monumental project do plenty of advanced research and planning; you will likely spend as much, or more, time planning as you spend executing the project, he says. Additionally, the project will very likely take much longer to finish than you anticipate, so you will need a lot of patience.

As you might imagine, this is not the only DIY Brad and Heather have undertaken in their home. We look forward to featuring more of their creative projects in the months to come. ​


  1. I love the woodwork! Such a beautiful design… and so nice to have original porches to add the artsy touch to Del Ray. Congrats on a gorgeous porch and work well done!

    • Thanks, Renee. We worked really hard on this. And thanks to Leslie and DIY Del Ray for featuring us.

  2. so beautiful! you can tell it was a labor of love to enjoy for years

  3. I agree that woodwork is gorgeous. Nice use of tongue-and-groove joints. Thanks for sharing; they really did a great job.

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