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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 | 0 comments

Kate’s Custom Crochet Doll: The Rainbow Lady

Kate’s Custom Crochet Doll: The Rainbow Lady

If you live in Del Ray and have kids, I can all but guarantee you’ve heard of Rainbow Rock. They’re local musician Kate Moran’s band that has been performing for children since 2012 at parties and festivals, in cafes, and at the annual festival that Kate also produces in the spring, the Tot Rock Fest. When Kate performs, she transforms into “Rainbow Lady” in a colorful bob, rainbow t-shirt and hoodie, sky blue skirt with rainbow appliqué, and black-and-while saddle shoes.


What would be more fitting than for Rainbow Lady to have her own lookalike plush doll. The idea came to her in a moment of serendipity, when Kate was browsing the booths at Del Ray’s annual Art on the Avenue last fall and met crocheter Sarah Potter from Hooked and Loopy. Sarah specializes in amigurumi, the Japanese art of making knit and crochet stuffed toys.

Kate says, “I walked into Sarah’s booth to buy a penguin and I noticed she had these superhero dolls which were SO cute! Rainbow Rock had performed that day at Art on the Avenue, so I was still in costume, so I thought, ‘Hey maybe she could make a Rainbow Lady Doll!!’” Sarah says she was immediately intrigued and excited about the collaboration. “One of the best things that happens in my work,” says Sarah, “is being approached by someone like Kate with a challenge to make a very specific custom order – something that holds special meaning and significance. I make more than 150 different kinds of animals through Hooked and Loopy but I’m always looking for something new to stretch myself.” After that day, Kate sent Sarah a picture of herself in her costume.


Sarah spent hours creating just the right crochet pattern. “For Kate,” she says, “I knew the details were important – which is why the Rainbow Lady dolls have shoelaces, embroidered clouds and rainbows on the skirt, and the right rainbow hair.” The Rainbow Lady is made with 100% cotton and stands 10-11 inches tall.


You can order a $35 Rainbow Lady doll from Kate’s Rainbow Rock website with multiple options for shirts – green, pink, or purple – while also noting where to see Rainbow Rock live.


To see many more of Sarah’s crochet toys and to order your own custom doll or animal, see her hookedandloopy Etsy site.

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