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Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 | 2 comments

How to Host a Suffragette Sash Party

How to Host a Suffragette Sash Party

No matter your political leaning, we can all agree the right to vote is a wonderful thing. The suffragettes from the early 1900s who vigorously advocated for a woman’s right to vote by donning “Votes for Women” sashes certainly appreciated having their voices heard. In this election year, what better way to celebrate this right than with vintage-inspired suffragette sashes.


Don’t have a sash? Host a sash-making party! This was Layla Masri’s thought after her friend Reba mentioned she wished she could find her suffragette sash to wear to the polls.

Layla queried a few friends to gauge interest in a sash party and easily heard from 25+ attendees.

Layla ordered plain sashes from Amazon for about $3.50 each and everyone brought ribbon, sequins, foam letters and shapes, fabric paint and glue guns. A number of ladies brought felt and cut out their own letters to match the feel of the original sashes.

votes 7

A few decorated the backs of the sashes with some “updated language” from this election cycle, like “nasty women vote,” while the fronts were mostly the original “votes for women” text.


votes 6

The fun didn’t stop there. They curated their own playlist (Suffragette City, Girls Run the World, Every Woman, Bitch Is Back, Roar, etc.) and had one “bad hombre” husband who made bespoke “nasty women” cocktails!


If you’re hosting your own suffragette sash party, Layla says, “Relax, don’t sweat the details and make your friends bring stuff! We had non-crafters and some serious aficionados and everyone was able to make something lovely.”

Keep an eye out for the Del Ray Suffragettes at the polls on November 8. You know they wouldn’t miss this historic event!



  1. Power to the People!! Go women! Vote Hillary!!!

  2. A group of us are making similar sashes for the March on Philadelphia! Thanks for the great idea!

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