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Posted by on May 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Jumanne’s Vintage Camera Collection

Jumanne’s Vintage Camera Collection

Recently, my friend Jumanne showed me his impressive vintage camera collection. These are a sampling of his film cameras that he uses for his photography on a regular basis.


I have a small collection myself, and was very impressed with how extensive his was. I was drawn to his Polaroid 210 Land Camera.


There is something satisfying about instantly getting your picture. This camera is special because it gives your photographs that authentic vintage look that you can’t always get with a digital camera. I bought some fuji film from B and H photography that corresponds with his Polaroid 210.

When we got together, he gave me a photo tutorial using his vintage Polaroid.


He showed me how to use the camera and most importantly load the film.


We each took a picture of the playground at Mount Vernon Community School.



I borrowed his Polaroid for several days. Here are some of the pictures I took.

This picture is of my daughter. I chose to take a picture with a dog she enjoys visiting. That way, I got a natural smile from her.

A friend let me borrow his vintage Polaroid for a few weeks. #nofilterneeded #polaroidmagic

I took a picture of my son with his beloved longboard that he recently got at the MV Big Flea. I find it easier to photograph someone with an object they have affection for.

Miles with his beloved longboard. Polaroid pic of the day. #polaroid #longboard #nofilterneeded

I love the quality of these pictures. They seem like they are from another time. It is always fun hanging out with Jumanne and learning more about film photography. I hope to spend more time with him to learn about his various cameras and film techniques.

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