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Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Sneak Preview #3: 2016 Del Ray House and Garden Tour

Sneak Preview #3: 2016 Del Ray House and Garden Tour

So far we’ve shared two sneak previews of homes that will be featured on the 2016 Del Ray House and Garden Tour on May 7 (sneak preview #1 and sneak preview #2), sponsored by the Del Ray Citizens Association. Our third preview is a traditional Del Ray rowhouse with a non-traditional feature, solar panels! You’ll have to wait until the tour to learn more about the panels, but here’s a look at some other eco-friendly highlights.

Architects by trade, the owners renovated their kitchen by themselves, using recycled paper and resin countertop, cork flooring, and a triple-glazed, energy-efficient casement window that bathes the room with natural light. Here was the kitchen when they bought the house:

kitchen before

During renovation…


And today.

diy kitchen renovation

Another interesting feature you’ll notice if you stand outside is a previous owner converted the kitchen door into a window and the dining room window into a door. This window-door flip-flop makes the kitchen much bigger and lets the dining room and kitchen flow seamlessly together. Definitely a creative solution for enlarging those traditional Del Ray galley kitchens.


diy kitchen renovation

There’s plenty more to see… from the 3,000 dwarf mondo grasses planted in the garden by hand to their collection of family-made quilts and their ingenious DIY wine bottle storage system.

Tickets for the tour are $20 ($25 after May 1) and can be purchased on the Del Ray Citizens Association website. Proceeds from the tour go toward community improvement projects. This year, funds will support the playground renovations at Mount Vernon Community School in the heart of Del Ray.

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