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Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 | 3 comments

Justine’s Zendoodling Sketchbook

Justine’s Zendoodling Sketchbook

At one of our recent coloring book club sessions, I noticed Justine coloring in one of her own zendoodles. New to zendoodling, Justine has quickly become adept at this fun and relaxing style of drawing. Justine carries a sketchbook around with her so she can do a little zendoodling whenever the mood strikes. One evening, I looked over her shoulder as she showed me page after page of her beautiful, spontaneous drawings.


You don’t have to be a trained artist to zendoodle, says Justine. You start with a line drawing and then you let the line go where it wants to go, making swirls, dots, repeating geometric shapes, waves, cross-hatching, whatever feels right.


Maybe you trace your hand and then fill in the outline with various patterns…


Or you color the shape of a simple bird…


Justine likes to start with an object, a pinecone say, and then use the shape of it to inspire a zendoodle, which she may embellish with differently colored markers.



She may be inspired by a drawing from a children’s book like this turtle…


Or, in honor of a holiday, she may do something like this Day of the Dead mask with its elaborate flower eyes…


Isn’t this owl fabulous too?


I also love this design which makes me think of a dahlia flower.


Justine submitted a couple of her zendoodles to Del Ray Artisans for their 2015 Coloring Book for Grown-Ups, Artwork Inspired by Alexandria, VA. They not only accepted one of her submissions, but two.

Justine and I are currently working on zendoodling a white chair with black acrylic Sharpie. Stay tuned to see how it turns out! Or, you can see sneak previews of the chair on Instagram.


  1. She is getting so adept at this art form. Good to see her development

  2. Beautiful! This is a great motivator to make it to coloring night.

    • I hope you will Cathy! We will have a zendoodled chair in progress there tonight too.

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