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Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 | 0 comments

World Peace Paper Mâché Ornaments

World Peace Paper Mâché Ornaments

I love making holiday ornaments by hand and this year was no exception. My daughter Nadja’s Montessori school had the opportunity to decorate one of the Del Ray Christmas trees, so we chose to make paper mâché ornaments in the theme of world peace. To make enough for an entire tree took days, but you could easily make one or a few in a couple of hours.

To make the ornaments, we blew up a balloon to the size we wanted, tied it off, and then used Mod Podge to layer strips of newspaper all over the balloon. We made a mix of small and large ornaments.



When the balloon was completely covered with newspaper and a generous coating of Mod Podge, we set it in a small pot to dry in front of a portable heater. (If you do this, be careful not to put the balloon too close to the heat or the balloon will expand and bulge through the newspaper.)


After this first layer dried, we started layering on strips of old National Geographic magazines. It wasn’t necessary to pop the balloon; it shrunk over time inside the the hard exterior.



After that layer dried, we glued on strips of white paper with words like hope, friendship, kindness, and peace that the elementary children wrote in cursive.



Finally, we used a glue gun to attach a string to each ornament so we could hang them on the tree. And, we sprayed each ornament with a waterproof sealant, so they would hold up in any weather. If you saw this tree on Mt. Vernon Avenue, you’d have also noticed big, dangly, colorful pompom ornaments too!

We’ve made many ornaments in past years as well:

There’s still time to stroll Mt. Vernon Avenue and see all 12 trees adopted and decorated by area nonprofits. You can then go online vote for your favorite. For details, see Visit Del Ray.

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