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Posted by on Oct 23, 2015 | 0 comments

My Herb Spiral Garden, One Season Later

My Herb Spiral Garden, One Season Later

In the spring, I wrote about my first attempt at creating an herb spiral, a permaculture structure created of stone or brick in a circular pattern. As a reminder, here is the “before” shot of the garden.

Herb spiral with mulch

How did it work? Take a look! Overall, I’m pleased with the results. Parsley was the clear winner, but sage, cilantro, and dill also did well.



I noticed that placement of the herbs seemed to affect growth — the herbs on the sloping side of the spiral thrived, but thyme and rosemary on the top seemed to struggle. I may move these herbs to a different spot next year.

One issue I had was with the soil at the top settling — after a watering a few times, the soil sunk into the structure. Since I had already planted the seeds, I didn’t add soil. At the end of the season, I added more soil to the top and I will do so again in the spring to ensure that there is plenty of soil for next year’s seeds.


I have also removed the thyme and rosemary and put them in pots so I can try to keep them alive indoors this winter. Fingers crossed!


My herb spiral created a nurturing environment for friendly insects, including several funnel spider webs. I didn’t have any issues with insects invading the plants, the only pests happened to be deer nibbling on parsley late in the season.

For now I’m hoping the sage makes it through the winter. Next year I plan to add a few flowers between the herbs. I think it would be fun to have the kids paint some rocks to decorate the top of the spiral next year too.


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