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Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 | 3 comments

Planting Your Native Garden in the Fall

Planting Your Native Garden in the Fall

I’ve had a native garden for about five years, and each year my plants come back bigger and more beautiful. Native plants have an advantage over non-native plants because they are naturally prone to thrive in their existing ecosystem.

Fall is really the best time for starting new plants in the garden — their roots will develop during winter dormancy allowing the plant to emerge bigger and stronger. Spring rains nurture the plant and spring provides the ideal temperature. Native plants are better for the earth. They reduce water costs, protect the soil, and provide habitats for wildlife. Below is a picture of a native butterfly weed plant in my garden last spring.


I get most of my native plants at the annual native plant sale on Quaker Lane. This year, my daughter and I returned to buy hydrangeas.




There were many beautiful plants there. Right now, they don’t look like much, but there is usually a good photograph of what you will see in the spring. I got the two hydrangeas that I had planned on getting.


I planted and watered them right away.



My daughter bought two plants that she planted with our neighbor along the curb.



If you missed the native plant sale this year, don’t worry you can still get native plants at Nature by Design. They are in Del Ray and have high quality native plants and happen to be having an internet special this fall, mention it to get a discount.

I can’t wait to watch my new plants spread next spring. Plant your flowers now and you will be pleasantly surprised in the spring. There are so many beautiful options for fall planting. What do you plant in the fall?


  1. So nice to see your blog! You indicate it’s an annual plant sale, but actually it takes place twice a year… in spring and fall! My friend Scott Knudsen and his wife, Jen, work hard to make it happen for us twice a year! I’m so glad you wrote about it.

    • Sorry for the mistake. Such a lovely sale! We are lucky to have it twice a year!

  2. Great post! Earth Sangha is another local group that has an extensive native plant nursery and holds a spring and fall native plant sale. They have a mailing list.
    They collect seeds and grow them into the plants. I’ve gotten great natives at their sale before, and also info on what will thrive where, etc.!wpn/c1drm

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