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Posted by on Sep 21, 2015 | 0 comments

Saving a Curbside Stereo System

Saving a Curbside Stereo System

It’s no secret you can find a lot of free stuff on the curb around Del Ray. If you’re not too picky or have an eye for repurposing, you’ll usually discover some great stuff. But sometimes, just sometimes, that one specific thing you are looking for miraculously pops up.

I’d been pondering what to do with our non-working standalone record player for a while and then I saw a post on the local listserv: “Free on curb: record player.” I knew I needed to grab it.


The problem, I realized, was that it’s the kind of record player that needs to be connected to a receiver with speakers and I had neither. I posted a “wanted” ad on Freecycle and within 24 hours had two offers, one right here in Del Ray.


The receiver, made in 1998, came with 6 speakers. We connected all the wires (demonstrating to the kids how stereo systems in the “olden days” worked), pressed the ON button and voila! Music!


The best part is that the sound quality is so much better than the standalone record player we had been using. I was also able to pick up 11 free records from another listserv poster the same weekend — yes, Chuck Mangione, it feels so good! (The magazine rack turned record holder is also a curb find.)


One setback was that the record player was missing its protective lid and I didn’t want to leave it out in the open to collect dust or become a cat toy. I cleared out some miscellaneous stuff from the middle of this cabinet, giving us ample room for the stereo inside with the speakers on top.





The next step will be figuring out how to attach an iPhone to the auxiliary input. But for no money at all, we’re pretty happy with the new set-up.

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