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Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 | 0 comments

Touring Little Free Libraries Around Town

Touring Little Free Libraries Around Town

Lately I’ve noticed more and more Little Free Libraries (LFL) popping up around town. LFLs are handmade book exchanges — part of a worldwide network of more than 30,000 and growing — usually found on peoples’ curbs and open to anyone to take a book or leave a book. One afternoon, my daughter Nadja and I filled up a bag with books from home and set out to drop a book in each one, and maybe find a book or two for ourselves.

Map of LFL-2

A) Argyle Drive. This LFL library is just south of Monticello Ave. in Beverley Hills. How sweet and cheerful this one is!


B) W. Windsor Avenue. Located near the corner of Braddock Road, you can’t miss this one’s bright pink paint.


C) Cameron Mills Road. We got a tip on Instagram to look for a LFL at the Trinity United Methodist Church, and we’re so glad we did. This one is set back on the road and hard to spot, but so charming — it’s shaped just like a church!



And it had a good selection of kids’ books too.


D) E. Bellefonte. This one located near the intersection with Mt. Vernon Ave. is designed to look like a barn.





E) Corner of E. Windsor and DeWitt. Just around the block from the LFL on Bellefonte, is the LFL that we featured when it first appeared a couple of years ago. It has its own Facebook page on which its stewards regularly post updates about book selections and visitors.


F) W. Alexandria and Hancock Ave. This LFL is styled to look just like the owners’ house — how cute is that! It also has its own Facebook page.


G) E. Walnut Street. We have a LFL that we walk past every day, uniquely positioned on the owners’ front stop and with a lid that you pull up and off.





I love how no two LFLs are alike. And what fun it was to drop off books and come home with some new selections. After our tour, I realized we had missed two more LFLs in town — one on the 400 block of E. Custis (a converted bee house that Cathy, the owner of the LFL on W. Alexandria Ave. wrote about on her blog), and one on Little St. and Braddock. Did we miss any others? Let us know in the comments!

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