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Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 | 2 comments

Stop and Smell the Roses on Russell Road

Stop and Smell the Roses on Russell Road

People seem to drive their cars very fast on Russell Road. They just whiz by all the beauty it beholds.


This summer, I have spent a lot of time on my bicycle. This has allowed me to view some amazing gardens. It is just a fact that you see more when you are on a bike and even more when on foot.

As I ride up and descend down Russell Road I see all its beauty. The flower garden that blooms all summer…


The little peach tree packed with peaches (hands off!!)


Curbside vegetable gardens


Victory gardens



Shade gardens


You can’t forget to stop by Maury Elementary. They have a great example of a Native American Three Sisters Garden.





A flurry of yellow/orange cosmos


The flower garden created by Maid to Clean


The cannon from the Civil War has pretty cactus growing at its foot.

This crape myrtle is amazing. I spoke with the owner who told me, “My dad had me cut this tree up to here (pointing to his waist) forty years ago.” Today is is absolutely thriving. He exclaimed, “Besides my ten grandchildren, this tree is my most prized possession.”


No matter where you live, be it Russell Road or anywhere else, slow down and enjoy the beauty of nature.


  1. You see such beauty. Keep it up. A pleasure to see.

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