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Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 | 2 comments

Hydrangeas of Del Ray

Hydrangeas of Del Ray

This time of year is just a joy for a hydrangea lover like me. In and around Del Ray they are everywhere! These beautiful blooms love the shade and come in a variety of colors: purple, blue, pink and white.





You can plant them under a tree.



They look nice weaving in and out of a fence.


In front of a house, beautifully framing it.


Brick walls make a nice back drop for a healthy bush.


They are even planted in front of some of our favorite restaurants.


Native oak leaf hydrangeas can be planted just about anywhere.


There are other types of hydrangeas native to Virginia. This one is in my backyard. They take very little care — just a little pruning each year and they continue to come back in the late spring and throughout the summer.


They make beautiful bouquets too. Each bloom is a bouquet in itself. Be sure to cut it from the woody area to ensure it lasts longer in the vase. Also, make a slight cut at the bottom of the stem allowing the plant to suck up more water.

Hydrangeas are a lovely addition to every garden. If you want to add one to your garden, fall is the best time to plant them. Plant native hydrangeas for guaranteed success.


  1. Just lovely. It has been one of our summer pleasures when we eat and shop in Del Ray

  2. Beautiful pictures. One of the pleasures when walking around Del Ray & Alexandria. They are the best cut flower as they last so long.

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