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Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 | 0 comments

Our DIY Cedar Garden Beds

Our DIY Cedar Garden Beds

Earlier this year, we moved into a house with a larger yard. My husband Matt and I wanted to take advantage of the added space by building raised garden beds. We decided to make two 8 x 4 foot beds, each 12 inches tall. While I was away camping with the girl scouts, Matt surprised us by building the beds.

We had done some research ahead of time and decided on making two boxes using cedar, the most rot-resistant type of wood, said to last about 10 years. Matt drove out to Smoot Lumber yard to pick up the wood planks. He also bought eight feet of 4 x 4 inch fir at Home Depot to use for the corner joints.


After marking off the grass with spray paint (not shown), Matt dug up the grass sod (probably the hardest part of the job).


He borrowed a saw from a neighbor to cut four of the boards for the sides. He also cut the 4 x 4 piece of fir to make eight 12-inch corner joints. Then, he attached the boards to the joints using four 4-inch wood screws per board.


He used our patio furniture as makeshift saw horses to do the construction, adding four screws to the ends. You can see the planks stacked two high equaling 12 inches for the height of the sides.



Once in place, he filled them up with gardening soil from Home Depot. And when I got home from our camping trip, I had the pleasure of planting our mid-summer garden. We got a late start, so I did a bit of research on what we could still plant. I got great advice from local gardeners in a Facebook group: “I’ve had success well into June with basil, parsley, dill, cilantro…you might could plant zucchini, too. And there’s always the fall for beans, peas and lettuces!” I also consulted this infographic on companion planting to figure out what should go where.




After spending so much on the cedar (total cost is close to $400), we opted for a cheap method of staking, using bamboo poles and twine, and it seems to be working out.


With all the rain we’ve had and hot sunny spells in between, I’m happy to report that our garden is growing like gangbusters.

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