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Posted by on Jul 2, 2015 | 0 comments

Healthy Kids with the Help of Nurse Clausen

Healthy Kids with the Help of Nurse Clausen

As long as I have been a teacher at Mount Vernon Community School, Ms. Clausen, the school’s nurse, has been there. This is a huge job. Her office is always filled children who simply need a Band-Aid, need a change of clothes, have a fever, or haven’t had breakfast yet and need a snack. She provides everything for these kids. Every child has been to her clinic at one time or another.

She also organizes activities for the school, the community, and teachers to help us maintain our health. Every year, Ms. Clausen organizes the bike rodeo. Her goal for the rodeo is to teach the children of the school and community about bicycle safety. For the past few years, she has held the bike rodeo during First Thursday.


There is always a fun course for the kids to practice their moves on.


Children get a certificate from a police officer when they complete the course.


There are even people on hand to put some extra air in your tires.


Ms. Clausen always has give aways for the kids who complete the course.


She also will make sure that your child’s helmet fits properly.


After the rodeo, the children are ready to safely spin their wheels in the neighborhood.


MVCS is extremely lucky to have a nurse like Ms. Clausen to look after the health of the children and the teachers.

Below is a list of programs that Ms. Clausen has organized at MVCS:

  • After school Zumba for teachers
  • A diet competition for teachers who need to shed a few pounds before summer
  • Dentists who come to the school to clean children’s teeth
  • She dresses up as the tooth fairy to promote dental health
  • Walk to school days for students
  • Bike to school days for students and teachers
  • Zap tags- an incentive program for walking to school

And so much more!

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