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Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 | 2 comments

Saving Space With Bunk Beds

Saving Space With Bunk Beds

When your two kids share a small bedroom, bunk beds are pretty much inevitable. We loved the family heirloom beds our boys had been using, but there simply wasn’t enough space for much else in the room. We made the move to bunks and couldn’t be happier.


When I was looking for a set of bunks, I wanted to make sure the beds would last (previous to the family heirloom beds, we had a set of twins/bunks that fell apart after a year). In my time volunteering for the MV Big Flea, I ran across a lot of This End Up furniture and knew it was sturdy and could face the brunt of two growing boys, so I purchased a set that had a simple and rugged design.



The best part of the deal was that This End Up assembled the beds for free. And even though I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to get the beds, they arrived in about a month. Each order is custom made in North Carolina.

Though the boys enjoy spending time with each other (for the most part), my 9-year-old appreciates the separation and privacy of the top bunk.


The ceiling fan so close to the top bunk worried me at first, but we set it on its lowest setting and turn it off at night.


Now there’s much more room to spread out — 99% of the time there are Legos covering the floor (and dirty socks, shoes, books, etc.).




As for the rest of the room, a few years ago I converted the closet into a desk and storage area. All the boys’ clothes fit in the dresser and in the drawers beside the beds. They each get 2 1/2 drawers and we’re constantly sorting and weeding out items they no longer wear.


On bulk trash day this year I couldn’t resist this cute vintage desk on the curb. I cleaned it off and it’s the perfect staging area for Lego projects in process and for storing workbooks and school supplies. Plus, each boy now has his own desk.



Thanks to the bunks, there is finally space to spread out plus separation for the boys when they want to be alone, making this bedroom so much easier to share. If you have a kids bedroom or small-space solution you’d like to feature here, please let us know!


  1. We made the move to bunks for our boys this past spring, too! The resulting floor space is amazing! Can I ask about your bedding though? The top sheets and blankets the boys use are kind of driving me nuts. Do you just have a fitted sheet + duvet + pillow? I was thinking of going this route to make making the beds easier instead of wrangling the tucking in of everything.

    • Ha! There’s nothing tucked in here! We don’t used top sheets on the kids’ beds (even before the bunks), just lightweight washable blankets. It’s so hot on the second floor of the house normally, the kids usually kick the blankets off in the middle of the night.

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