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Posted by on May 1, 2015 | 24 comments

Giveaway: Gardening Consultation with Love & Carrots

Giveaway: Gardening Consultation with Love & Carrots

Spring planting time is here and we are positively thrilled to offer a giveaway of a one-hour gardening consultation with expert gardener, farmer, and the founder of Love & Carrots, Meredith Sheperd. Katie had the pleasure of meeting with Meredith last week for a consult on her back patio vegetable garden. She came away with a “wealth of ideas” on how to make the most of her space this season and for many to come.


Love & Carrots is an organic gardening business whose goal is to “take the intimidation out of home gardening.” They provide a range of services from a personal consultation to design work to full-service garden maintenance. We first discovered and wrote about Love & Carrots a couple of years ago after we spotted some colorful raised beds in a neighbor’s front yard.


If you win this giveaway, Meredith will design her consultation to your needs whether you’re a novice just starting out, or you’re a DIY-er or seasoned gardener and you want troubleshooting help or general advice. You can find more details on what a Love & Carrots consultation involves on their website.


To enter the giveaway, comment on this post and tell us what you’d like to learn during your consultation. (Don’t know what you don’t know? Just make something up!) A winner will be chosen at random and we’ll put you in touch with Meredith from Love & Carrots.

PRIZE: One-hour consult with Meredith Sheperd, the founder of Love & Carrots.
DEADLINE: Monday, May 4 at 11:59 pm EST.
WINNER: One lucky winner will be chosen by and notified on Tuesday, May 5 by email. We’ll also announce the winner on this blog post and our social sites — make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional notice. Winner will have 48 hours to respond or else we will select another name.
PRIZE REDEEMABLE: We will put the winner in touch with Meredith via email to schedule your consult.
TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us what you’d like to learn during your gardening consultation. (One comment entry per person please.)
WHO’S ELIGIBLE: This giveaway is open to anyone who lives near the Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA (including Old Town, Rosemont, Beverley Hills and Arlandria).

See our complete terms and conditions page for more details.


  1. I’ve got a cute spot in the front of my house (in full sun) that I’ve only used for flowers before now. I’d like to learn how to plant herbs and veggies alongside the flowers so they look good and add function to the small decorative space.

  2. Every year we plant a garden but get very frustrated because it seems like either wildlife gets to our tomatoes, for example, or they don’t grow like they should; last year my husband even built a “cage” to put the tomatoes etc in but that didn’t help at all. Thanks

  3. We just moved into a new house, in the middle of winter and not is is spring and we have no idea where we should plant anything. We don’t know if our yard has enough sun to grow anything because the trees don’t have all of their leaves yet and I’m pretty sure the backyard used to have a fish pond (?) that was filled and re-sodded before they sold the house. We are starting completely from scratch! Help!

  4. I would love to have a small garden to tend with my daughters. I am absolutely CLUELESS about where to start – I have purchased books, been to the garden store and I need help!

  5. I would love to learn about a good watering system for my garden. It seems every year around July/August all my vegetables wilt and die from the heat (and of course, my lack of consistent watering).

  6. I would learn how to grow broccoli. After several years of unsuccessful attempts, I have given up!

  7. We have a yard with awful soil that won’t even grow grass. I’d like to figure out how to grow anything without resorting to containers.

    • Kate! You were randomly selected to receive the free garden consult. We’ll email you with details about how you can redeem your prize!

  8. Need help with a shady area where everything does every year.

  9. I am a 2nd-year gardener still trying to figure out what plants will thrive in my space. I would like help picking the right plants and helping my outdoor garden look nice and organized instead of collection of flopped over plants ( I have treills troubles as well)! Help!

  10. I just started a raised bed garden in my backyard and would like advice on what would do best in that space. Also, my cilantro plant is turning yellow…

  11. How to garden on a slope that alternates between blasting full-on sun (envision hostas on a frying pan) and shade. And did I mention the poison ivy in one corner and the bamboo invading from the other?

  12. I have no idea how to do anything in my garden and could use help. I planted an herb last year and it’s thriving, but I don’t remember it is.

  13. I have a front yard raised-bed garden, and I’d like to learn how I can pack as much as possible in the space! Thanks for your entry on your consultation!

  14. I have one patch in my backyard where nothing seems to grow. I need to learn how to improve the soil or learn what vegetables or herbs could grow there. I would like to know about keeping animals away from my tomatoes as they ripen and tackling weeds. Also interested in maybe going grass less in our front yard…..that’s all! :-)

  15. I would love to learn about growing vegetables in our backyard. My 5 yr old is old enough to help out a little and is even more excited about it.

  16. We would love to build some garden plots in our backyard for herbs and veggies. Also need some creative ideas for the shady area under a big tree!

  17. I’d like to know how best to grow heirloom tomatoes, as well as how to design gardens for the house.

  18. I’d like some ideas for a new keyhole garden for herbs/vegetables, Plus figure out why my roses have been looking so terrible.

  19. My yard is a blank slate. I would like for it to be a nicer, greener, friendlier place to spend time with my toddler. I’m just not sure where to start.

  20. I’d love to know how to take advantage of full sun in the front of our home, and growing food in a small space in our backyard!

  21. I’d like to learn how to best use our current garden space – I’m not sure we take into account sunlight of that space, nor watering needs, when we choose plants. We get into a patten of planting, getting very little harvest and just letting the plants die!

  22. I am a novice gardener spurred on by my enthusiastic 9-year-old son! We tried a raised bed last summer to only moderate success. We would love your help!