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Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 | 0 comments

Sunprinted Natural-Dye Easter Eggs

Sunprinted Natural-Dye Easter Eggs

I stumbled upon this blog post about sunprinted Easter eggs and was instantly intrigued. Though they aren’t technically sunprints (that requires special chemicals) they have that sunprinted look and seemed to be a nice change from our typical natural-dyed eggs we’ve made over the past couple of years.


(You don’t need natural dyes to make these, but I’m providing the instructions for how I made these using blueberries as my dye.)


  • A dozen hard-boiled eggs
  • Small pack of blueberries
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • Fresh-picked leaves of varying shapes and sizes
  • One pair of pantyhose (or pieces of cheesecloth), cut into 3-inch squares


To make the dye, I simmered a small pack of blueberries in a pan with some water, mashing the berries with a fork to get the juices out. This took a few minutes. Then I strained the berries and added vinegar to the liquid.


As the dye cooled, I prepared the eggs. I didn’t have any interesting leaves, so I used a weed from my yard and cut a larger leaf into a more distinct shape. I placed a leaf or two on each egg and then wrapped the egg in a square of the hose, securing it at the back in a knot. You want to pull the hose as tightly as possible.



Off to the dye they went, rotated frequently to coat evenly.


After about an hour, I took the eggs out of the dye to dry. This took a while — resist the urge to unwrap them until they are almost completely dry.


Finally, a few hours later, the hose was dry and I unwrapped the eggs. Some came out nice and crisp and the texture of the hose made an impression as well.



Others looked more tie-dyed than sunprinted, probably because I didn’t secure the hose tightly enough.


As an added bonus, the knot on the back of the eggs left its own textured mark.


This was an easy project we’ll be making again. Word to the wise: Blueberries will dye things other than eggs — like your hands, clothes and dish towels.


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