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Posted by on Mar 13, 2015 | 0 comments

A Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail Party

A Girl Scout Cookie Cocktail Party

The idea of pairing Girl Scout cookies with a glass of beer or wine sounded terrible to me at first, I must admit. But when April and Mark invited me to their Girl Scout cookie cocktail party, I was more than happy to play along – there’s no such thing as a bad cocktail party with friends, after all — and I’m game for any and all food adventures.



April and Mark had clearly had a great time planning the party, having supported their own “Daisy’s” cookie sales this year.



They researched recipes online, saying “we were amazed at how much pairing advice is out there,” and chose a few different microbrews and wine options (even champagne in one case), as well as appetizers, to go with several varieties of Girl Scout cookie.


When I arrived at the party, I found my own personalized mason jar with an index card and pencil inside. The card listed the different cookie types in one column and in the other columns, the recommended microbrews, wine, and food. They left one column blank for note-taking.



I didn’t make it around to all of the stations, but I did love the trefoils (shortbread cookie) with a baltic porter. My notes on the card say, “buttery and smooth!” I was not very fond of the thin mints paired with Zinfandel.


I poured the wine into a bowl set out just for that purpose so I could move on to another station.


Another surprisingly delicious pairing were the Samoas (caramel and toasted coconut cookie) with a malt coconut porter alternated with coconut crusted shrimp. “Uncommonly delicious!” I wrote on my card.


After trying bacon-wrapped dates with honey wine, paired with a Rah-Rah Raisin (oatmeal, raisin, yogurt chunks),  I have to admit that the bacon appetizer completely overshadowed the cookie. It was fun hearing similar or completely opposing views from other party-goers.




April and Mark were happy to share their menu:

  • Toffee-Tastic cookie with Glutenator or Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale, or champagne, and cheese, crackers and fruit
  • Trefoil cookie with Old Chub, a stout, or baltic porter, port or prosecco, and cheese, crackers and fruit
  • Rah-Rah Raisin cookie with an english bitter beer, honey wine, and bacon-wrapped dates
  • Samoa cookie with sweet stout or Maui Coconut Porter, Tokay wine, and coconut crusted shrimp
  • Savannah Smiles cookie with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace or Sculpin IPA, Riesling Kabinett or Pinot Grigio, and lemon chicken
  • Tag-A-Longs cookie with Wells Banana Bread beer or Raspberry Lambic, Pinot Noir, Malmsey, or Madeira, and pork with chutney
  • Do-si-dos cookie with a stout or porter, or sherry and Pinot Noir, and lamb sausage
  • Thin Mint cookie with a stout or porter, Zinfandel or Port, and skirt steak with mint sauce

I hazard to guess that you’ve already eaten this year’s girl scout cookie order, but perhaps you can look forward to making a bigger order next year expressly for party planning purposes.

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