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Posted by on Dec 12, 2014 | 0 comments

Upcycling Holiday Cards into Luminaires

Upcycling Holiday Cards into Luminaires

On a recent visit to UpCycle Creative Reuse Center (UpCycle CRC), I noticed the boxes and boxes of used vintage and modern holiday cards and wondered how I could reuse them in my holiday decorating.  Then I remembered a project from the book Simply Green Giving, where you create luminaires with used cards.


So I brought a big stack of cards home and started by sorting them into vertically formatted designs and into similar sizes. I had to trim mine a little. I also chose themes for each luminaire – birds for one, religious iconography for another, secular images for another…



I then used a hole-punch to make holes along the sides of each card, about 1/4 inch apart.


Next, I threaded some twine with an embroidery needle and started to sew the sides together.


After the first try, I learned to thread loosely so that the sides could fold to form the standing square shape.


I placed a battery-operated candle in each luminaire (for safety), which work perfectly to cast a glow from within. I didn’t realize that these candles also flicker, which is also nice.


They look quite festive in a dark room illuminated by candlelight and the string lights on the Christmas tree.




It was hard to stop at just three.

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