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Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 | 8 comments

The Del Ray Yarn Bombers’ Donut Commission

The Del Ray Yarn Bombers’ Donut Commission

What do you get when you take yarn, old tires, and a crew of hard-core knitters? Yarn bombed donuts, of course! This is the latest project for the Del Ray Yarn Bombers commissioned by Rob Krupicka, owner of the new Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee opening soon in Old Town.


We’re just coming off of our recent Art on the Avenue project where we yarn bombed a collection of chairs that now reside in various restaurants on the Ave. And we’re excited to get going on this endeavor, especially knowing it involves frequent donut samplings. Rob enticed us with a dozen at one of our Art on the Avenue workshops recently to get our creative juices flowing.


We admired the variety of toppings before devouring them, and the photos now serve as a way for us to design the knitting patterns.


One of our star yarn bombers, Stephanie, a math whiz, has already figured out how to knit the donut shape. Even if I can’t understand the math, I have complete faith in her patterning ability. After all, by devising the area of cone shapes, she helped us figure out how many crochet squares we’d need to cover our yarn bombed holiday tree.


We’ll start by knitting three donuts to be done in late December and then we’ll deliver the second three in early February. When the shop opens, we’ll celebrate and toast our hard work at a special event in the adjacent Speakeasy (also owned by Rob) — cocktails and donuts, a great combo!

We’re seeking knitters to help us make these giant donuts a reality. Picture this – a car tire covered in bulky weight wool/acrylic yarn, one side the tan donut “cake,” the other side frosting and toppings. Some will also have beads, LED lights, and other fun embellishments. We’re literally covering old rubber tires that we got for free from an auto repair shop, with some stuffing to give them a nice round shape.


Can you help?

Please let us know! Send an email to our Google group to join the group and receive email updates. Or comment on this post and we’ll get in touch with you. You’ll be given everything you need, except for needles, to work up the pattern.

We are also having work sessions every Saturday starting Saturday, November 8 at Bon Vivant cafe from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.


  1. I can help but can’t come on a Saturday until November 29… Any pickup dates on other days?

    • Hi Joan – we can plan other work sessions. I’ll email you to work out how you might participate and when is your preferred meeting times.

  2. I tried to get added to the group but the email address is undeliverable.

    • Hi Renee- I have someone else test it, and it seems okay. I can manually add you to the Google group though.

  3. Planning on coming at 6:30 next Monday evening, but I wonder where the location is in Alexandria

    • Hi Joan – we’re having Monday working sessions at St. Elmo’s. Hope to see you there. Are you on the Google email list? I can add you if you’d like. That’s where we’re giving onging updates.

  4. Hey! Where is the pic of the sample beige and pink donut posted?

    • Hi Joan – I’ll send a copy to the google group.

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