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Posted by on Oct 15, 2014 | 0 comments

Amy and John’s Galley Kitchen Reno Part 3

Amy and John’s Galley Kitchen Reno Part 3

In August, we showed you the before pictures of Amy and John’s kitchen renovation. Then we stopped by in September after demoliton was complete. Today, we bring you progress. Ducts have been rerouted, electrical has been upgraded and cabinets and counters have been installed. It’s finally looking like a kitchen again.


The white cabinets are American Woodmark from Home Depot. The Silestone counters come from Pyramid Granite.


The cabinet above the sink has seeded glass doors, with the wavy bubbly texture of old glass.



The granite composite sink is 85% quartz and the rest is acrylic resin. It’s non-porous and stain- and heat-resistant. They didn’t want a stainless sink, and this one is more durable than enamel or cast iron versions. It’s also softer than cast iron so you’re less likely to break glasses in it.


The fridge will go in this nook, about a foot or so to the left of its original position. Tearing down the wall and  moving the fridge into the dining room gives them more storage space and makes it easier to access the basement door. The base cabinet to the right of the fridge nook has a narrow rectangular cabinet for baking sheets and a triangular cabinet for smaller items.


And whether you’re storing matchbox cars or spices, this thin pull-out cabinet in the peninsula is the perfect small-space solution.


You can hardly tell it’s storage when you look at it closed.


On the wall next to the peninsula, they installed shelving for decorative storage. The counter on the peninsula extends about 8 inches to the right of the base cabinet so they can tuck a couple bar stools underneath.


They are using the same fridge and dishwasher they had in the old kitchen, but replacing their small stove with a larger more efficient range/double oven with hood. You can see the hole for the vent in the picture below. They rerouted the vent to go through the kitchen and dining room ceiling and out the side of the house.


Amy chose a blue glass tile for a backsplash which will extend behind the stove and sink.



The floors are still covered with ram board, but the good news is they were able to extend their existing blue and white tile to the larger kitchen space. After finding out the exact size tile was no longer available, their contractor (MW Construction Services) hunted down the same color tile in a larger size and cut each one to fit seamlessly with the other tiles.

For the finishing touches, in the dining room, they selected a Mexican star pendant to go over the table.


And they hope to put a few decorative knobs on the upper cabinets.


Just a couple more weeks and this kitchen will be ready for its final after shots. Such a huge improvement already! We’ll be back with more photos and a complete source list when it’s all done.

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