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Posted by on Oct 10, 2014 | 0 comments

Trash to Treasure: Potting Bench Rehab

Trash to Treasure: Potting Bench Rehab

In Laine’s post on Wednesday she shared some great ideas for getting rid of unwanted household items instead of just putting them in the trash. So if there are all these options, why do people still put unwanted items on the curb? I like to think it’s because they know someone like me will scoop it up and give it a new home. They know curb shoppers are out the night before trash day, eagle eyes on the hunt for castaways in need of some light repair. No, we’re not creepy or crazy, just regular people, regular people who like junk.

So imagine my excitement when I found this potting bench on the curb one night after making some deliveries for the Big Flea. I’ve always wanted a potting bench — never enough to actually buy one new — and this one screamed take me home.


Once I looked at it closely in daylight I saw so much potential. The top shelf was broken and there were some warped boards, but nothing that made me want to put it back in the trash. I decided I’d spruce it up and turn it into an outdoor bar/sideboard for our back deck. I removed the top shelf (it was broken and blocked our back window anyway), tried my best to straighten out the off-kilter boards and wiped off the dirt and cobwebs.



Just look at the thirsty wood.



To protect my new find from the elements, over the course of the next two days I applied three coats of marine grade outdoor polyurethane.


With each coat, you could see the wood come alive, its once worn and faded color replaced with a rich reddish brown.





I especially love the storage potential. There’s a spacious shelf on the bottom which has plenty of height for our chimney grill starter. The top pieces come off to hide everything we need outside — garden shovels and gloves, grilling tools, bug spray, candles, etc.

But of course my main goal was to turn it into a bar/sideboard for outdoor parties. Hoping for some sun so we can try it out this weekend.


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