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Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 | 2 comments

Amy and John’s Galley Kitchen Reno Part 2

Amy and John’s Galley Kitchen Reno Part 2

Back in August, we shared the before pictures and plan for Amy and John’s kitchen renovation. The demolition started last week and today, we’re giving you a glimpse of this work in progress.

The 1940s rowhouse came with the typical galley style kitchen. You know the one — it’s cramped, has a lot of wasted space, you can’t open the fridge if the stove is already open and there’s barely enough room for two people without butting heads.


Amy and John’s plan: Gut the kitchen, replace and update all the cabinets and fixtures, remove the wall between the dining room and kitchen and add a full-sized peninsula for a more efficient and functional use of space.

Here was the dining room in August.


Here it is today.


The plastic box around the construction site keeps the dust and debris under wraps and out of the living room. It also protects curious little children from the sharp edges and dangerous tools inside.


These little ones were eager to catch a quick peek while I took photographs, but normally they are not allowed inside.


For another comparison shot, here is the fridge wall in August.


Here’s that same view today. The fridge will move about a foot to the left of its original position; it will be enclosed with cabinetry and a narrow base cabinet will fit to the right.


The demo took about two days, leaving a 60-year-old skeleton of a room filled with dangling wires, exposed pipes and ducts to reroute.





Ram board covers the wood floors in the dining room and the blue and white checkered tile floor in the kitchen, which they want to keep. The contractors will have the tricky job of matching new tiles with the old.


Amy and John hired MW Construction Services to do the renovation, a company they used before when they added a full bathroom to the basement two years ago.


As I was leaving, Amy showed me her secret to surviving a kitchen renovation, her trusty hot plate. In just a few weeks, a gorgeous gourmet kitchen will replace this supplementary kitchen appliance, which I’ve heard does a bang-up job boiling water for coffee and heating a pot of spaghetti and meatballs.


Stay tuned for part three of this renovation story!


  1. This looks familiar!

  2. Not completely sure but I think we are remodeling the kitchen just across the street from you! Your pics look very familiar! Good luck with everything.

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    House Doctors
    218 N Lee St
    Alexandria VA 22314

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