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Posted by on Sep 19, 2014 | 0 comments

Danielle and Phillip’s Step-by-Step Kitchen Renovation

Danielle and Phillip’s Step-by-Step Kitchen Renovation

Three years ago, we toured Danielle and Phillip’s first home where they found a way to compromise on their very different interior design aesthetics — his antique, hers modern —  a “can this marriage be saved” moment that resulted in a harmonious,  great look merging cool, classic American with contemporary mission aesthetic.


They’ve recently moved into a new house that they’re gradually updating to suit their style. (Also, since we last featured Danielle and Phillip, they have welcomed a baby girl into their lives. Maddy turned one in July, and as the daughter of the owner of fibre space knit and crochet shop in Old Town, she gets her very own birthday shout out on the fibre space blog. The store is like a second home to her.)

When Danielle and Phillip bought their new home in Rosemont, they did work on the exterior. We’ll share that story another day, as well as other improvements they’ve done and plan to do. Today, we’re featuring the kitchen. When they looked at the home, Danielle says, it was obvious the sellers spruced up the kitchen to sell, with new granite, stainless appliances, new tile flooring, and backsplash. Danielle immediately set out to change it to better suit her style.  Here is a glimpse of the kitchen from the real estate photo:



Phillip’s step-father is a contractor so he stepped in and helped by replacing the backsplash with subway tiles.



They also replaced the countertops with a black granite with a “leather” or matte finish, which helps tone down the shine. Danielle likes that it keeps the aesthetic more in line with the existing cabinets.





They painted the cabinets and installed new pulls, which always makes a big difference in a kitchen update.


The original cabinets were also white but Danielle says they could see brush marks and the paint around the hardware.


She took another photos of the painting in progress.


A simple update that goes a long way, says Danielle, is to install metal organizers inside shelving, rather than jumbling pans and such inside.


She also pointed out the hardware they used for the cabinets, which they kept because it’s adjustable and makes it so much easier to keep the level true. By moving the screws left or right, you can make sure the doors hang level.


Instead of replacing the tiles, they’ve decided to wait, although Danielle says the flooring is like a skating rink when it gets the least bit wet.  That’s not good when you have a toddler underfoot.


She much prefers the flooring they had in the previous kitchen, a high-end vinyl that was grouted to look like ceramic. But she says it had all the benefits of vinyl — warmth, softness, durability.

The kitchen had recessed lighting over the peninsula, but Danielle and Phillip had them removed in favor of these retro style glass pendant lamps.


You may recognize these mod metal chairs from their last kitchen.


For now, they’ll also keep the plantation shutters, although she’s not a huge fan, saying they’re not quite her style and are a pain to clean.


Eventually, they plan to take down the wall behind the refrigerator; it’s not a load-bearing wall, and they want to open up the space and make it part of the formal dining room. At that time, they will likely extend the hardwood floors into the kitchen. (Notice the baby hand prints on the frig; if it were me, I would never clean those off.)


We can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

For this phase, here is their source list:

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