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Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 | 2 comments

Gina’s Haircuts at Home for Kids

Gina’s Haircuts at Home for Kids

When a friend of mine posted on Facebook about a neighbor in Del Ray who was offering kids’ haircuts at home for $20, I was instantly intrigued. What could be better than having someone come to your house to give your child a haircut? Signing up for Gina’s service was a no-brainer. Of course, Calvin wasn’t too excited about the news. Haircuts aren’t his thing.


The looks he shot me through the process are telling.


But Gina was amazing, patient and reassuring during the process. She was meticulous with her work and didn’t rush despite Calvin’s protests and wiggling.


Some videos on my phone helped settle him down too.


Gina’s a professional stylist (for kids and adults) at Lux Salon in Old Town and has a six-year-old son at our local school. While Calvin got his haircut, Gina’s son played outside with my older son.


She got the idea for the haircuts at home service after one of her clients invited her to a “Holiday crafts cocktails and haircut” Christmas party/fundraiser — she gave 14 kids haircuts that night and donated half of the proceeds to the school.




A friend suggested she offer the haircuts at home service during the month of September for parents in Del Ray and Rosemont — perfect timing for people like me who ran out of time to get haircuts before the school year started. Gina decided to test it out on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons when she’s off work at the salon. If the service is popular, she’ll repeat in October as well.


The home haircuts aren’t just an additional source of income; more so, Gina likes meeting new people, finding other kids for her son to play with and helping out busy parents.

And how did Calvin feel about his haircut after it was over? I think his smile is a sign of another happy customer.


If you’d like to make an appointment this month with Gina for your child, you can use this sign-up form. She also schedules all her appointments at Lux, so you can email or call her at 571-286-2855 to schedule one at the salon as well.

Note: We weren’t compensated for writing this post, just passing along info about a great service!


  1. what a great convenience for busy moms!!!

  2. Gina just cut my daughter Margot’s hair, it’s awesome! So happy you posted this and hope more people will benefit from Gina’s great service.

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