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Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 | 8 comments

DIY Kids: Adding Personality to School Uniforms

DIY Kids: Adding Personality to School Uniforms

Today, we welcome my 10-year-old daughter Ana as guest blogger.

At my school this year, we have to wear uniforms. The colors are red, navy blue, and white. At first I really did not like the idea of going to school and having everyone look the same. Even though I’m still not completely happy with the idea, I know how to work with it……accessorize!

First I’ll show you where I keep all of my uniform separates. I have dedicated one drawer of this dresser to the uniforms. It was donated to the Big Flea and my Mom and Dad bought it, along with one other, that my sister Nadja uses.


I lay out my clothes everyday so I can decide what matches best.


This first look is one of my many blue skirts and white tops paired with a tan scarf, black boots, cheetah print knee socks, and a black headband.



What’s the point of having pretty knee socks if you can’t see them?


This next look are some blue leggings and a white top paired with a cute blue sweater, a necklace, and purple crocs. Your shoes don’t have to be the uniform colors, you can have whatever shoes you want!


I made this necklace with my friend Gigi. The purple matches my shoes.


My neighbor’s daughter is pictured here – she is really cute.


This look is a red shirt and blue pants paired with a striped sweater, black boots, and a white and red flower hair bow.


No one said we can’t wear stripes.


A popular uniform item is the polo dress. I added a cool headband, a white jean jacket, and some brightly colored shoes.




This headband was a birthday gift to me from Katie who knew I had liked it when I saw it at Amalgamated Classic Clothing and Dry Goods.


And finally, this is a red v-neck sweater worn over white leggings. I also added a light brown belt, blue scarf, and the same brightly colored sneakers.


I hope you enjoyed my uniform fashion show.



  1. Way to go Ana! I see a regular fashion blog in your future…

  2. Awesome!!!! I really like that, those are cute trends. I will use those some day this year.

  3. Stylin Ana! Great job on the article.

  4. Nailed it, Ana! Great ideas for sassying up the school uniforms. I can’t wait to pass them along to my first grader.

  5. Ana! Loved the fashion tips! Stylish!

  6. I love your tips! I was so disappointed when I saw that we had uniforms. Anyway, your tips were awesome. So stylish!!

  7. Awesome job Ana! I knew you were going to find some way to make the uniforms better. 😀

  8. Coolness! Love it!!!Even though I don’t wear uniforms anymore, I will pass these outfits to my little sister.

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