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Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 | 0 comments

Camp Del Ray: An Afternoon of Games and Crafts

Camp Del Ray: An Afternoon of Games and Crafts

Summer may be over, but we wanted to wrap up our series on Camp Del Ray in one more post. Camp Del Ray is our a week-long summer camp co-op, in its second year, in which one family hosts everyone else’s kids one day a week. Katie wrote about logistics and some of her activities in this post. There was also an adventure to the zoo via metro, a bus ride to the Old Town Pool, a pasta bar, a birthday celebration for one of the campers and lots and lots of outdoor games and crafts.


The highlight of the day I hosted Camp Del Ray had to be when we made candy sushi. We also spent a couple of hours riding bikes to the Potomac Yard playground, as well as some fun crafts and outdoor games. Here are some highlights.

Yarn bombing and tassel making

I had brought one of the chairs home that we’re yarn bombing for Art on the Avenue this year and let the kids go to work on it, adding embellishments with safety pins, and wrapping the legs.


I taught a few of them how to make tassels to add to the chair too. (Last year, they learned how to make pom-poms.) Wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard…


Tied in the middle with a longer piece of yarn…


Then, folded over and tied with another string around the entire piece to make “the neck.”


You can see a step-by-step for making tassels on this website.

Minute to Win It Game

Outside, I engaged the kids in a game of “Minute to Win It” adapted from a game show on NBC. Using items from around the house, I came up with a few challenges. We divided the group into two teams. Each team chose one player for each challenge. The two players competed against each other to complete the challenge successfully over the course of 1 minute.

First challenge: Pass the orange

We all know this challenge from our youth. It’s not easy! But hilarious to watch.



Second challenge: Popcorn kernel transfer

For this, they had tweezers and a bowlful of popcorn kernels. They had to pass them one by one into the other bowl and at the end of the minute, count how many they moved over.



Third challenge: Toilet paper unwinding

For this challenge, you can only use one arm to unwind a roll of toilet paper at arms length. Again, lots of laughter ensued with this one.



After we completed these challenges and a few more, most of the kids gravitated back inside to continue their free play activities, all but Jack who tried balancing a book on his head while stepping over the balance beam.


Free Play

For all of the organized activities, the kids seemed to love having the unstructured free time in our camp that much more.





We love that we’ve heard from several other groups of parents who have participated in similar “Camp Del Rays” over the summer. If you want to join our camp next year or want to share your own camp ideas, please comment below or send us an email.

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