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Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 | 5 comments

Angela’s Restored and Restyled Colonial Part 2

Angela’s Restored and Restyled Colonial Part 2

Last week we shared the before pictures (plus a sneak preview) of a restored and restyled 1933 home in the Rosemont neighborhood of Alexandria. Today we’re back to show the after photos of the renovated house where Angela, her husband Dov and their kids Jack and Zoe live.


Angela and Dov bought the fixer in 2013. They wanted a home that they could restore and apply their own design aesthetic. It was also important for them to be within walking distance to Del Ray and Old Town and have easy access to a playground and outdoor areas for their children.


The house they bought couldn’t be more perfect for them. Here’s a before picture to remind you of what the house looked like when they bought it — pretty much a blank slate with decorative moldings, wood floors, lots of natural light and a clean layout.


And here are the after photos — bright and modern with original architectural elements highlighted.


The floors were not in good condition, so Angela and Dov made the bold decision to paint them white. White floors do require some upkeep and Angela has had to touch up the paint here and there. And if you look closely, you may see a few cracks in the paint between the boards caused by seasonal temperature changes — Angela says she appreciates the not-so-perfect look.



Most of the furniture is either from IKEA or refreshed pieces from consignment shops, thrift stores and Craigslist. They repurposed a clothing armoire formerly in the master bedroom in the dining room for food storage. The white slipcovered sofas and chairs are from IKEA and yes, they have to be washed from time to time, especially with kids.


There’s a sunroom off to the side which serves as a reading room, music room and an art room for their daughter Zoe. Angela teaches elementary school art at Charles Barrett Elementary in Alexandria and she painted almost all of the art work on the walls in the house.




Before, the kitchen was not a place you wanted to spend time — dark, gloomy and dated.


Now it’s welcoming, rustic and charming. It feels like a room where people actually cook and it’s probably one of the most unique kitchens we’ve seen in the area.


There was a huge cost savings by not installing built-in cabinetry, so they splurged on the cast iron drainboard farmhouse sink, a replica from Van Dykes. You’ll also notice there is no dishwasher — that was an intentional decision and Angela says they don’t mind washing dishes by hand.


They also wanted a kitchen where things could be unplugged and moved around. Except for the sink of course, they got their wish.


The side door leads to the backyard and the doorway in the middle goes down to the finished basement where they have a TV, storage for games and art supplies, a laundry room and a half bathroom.


Upstairs, here’s the master bedroom before.


And after — peaceful and serene with pops of color in the headboard thanks to Angela’s over-sized painting.


Throughout the house, they kept all the radiators. Angela says “having radiator heat in our house is such a bonus because of its efficiency, and we discovered that this type of heating system helps with our winter dry skin issues and allergies.”


Zoe’s room is painted a pale pink and has IKEA storage shelving, a shabby chic nightstand and a bed with extra drawers underneath.





Jack’s room is smaller, but the loft bed makes up for the lack of square footage.  And again, there’s IKEA shelving and bins for storing games, clothes and books.




Like the kitchen, the bathroom was also gutted. They wanted an authentic renovation, so before purchasing fixtures and materials like the hexagon tile on the floor, they did research to make sure these materials would have been used during the time period the home was built.


More of Angela’s gorgeous art hangs above the tub.



They use these same rolling storage carts in the kitchen as well.



There wasn’t much in the backyard when they bought the house.


But now it has a large floating deck, two seating areas, a shed (over an existing concrete landing) and greenery.



Eventually they want to add shutters and more landscaping to the front and backyard.


The front door, painting Benjamin Moore cool aqua, adds a final touch of color on this modern traditional home.



Thank you Angela, Dov, Jack and Zoe for sharing your home with us! If you have a home story or renovation you’d like to share on this site, please contact us.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the lack of cabinets in the kitchen and how open it feels. A bit like a restaurant kitchen…love it! Very soothing with all the white and pops of color in the beautiful artwork.

  2. Where are the rolling metal carts from? I might want to incorporate into my new kitchen renovation! thanks.

    • Thank you! The carts are antique reproduction French laundry hampers from Pottery Barn.

  3. Lovely! My favorite parts are the kitchen and front door!

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