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Posted by on Aug 4, 2014 | 1 comment

Del Ray Parks and Rec: Monticello Park

Del Ray Parks and Rec: Monticello Park

Tucked in a wooded area of the Beverley Hills neighborhood next to Del Ray is yet another one of our favorite local outdoor destinations, Monticello Park, located at 320 Beverley Dr. It’s well-known in the birding community as an ideal spot to view the numerous species of migrant birds which visit during the year (I’ve heard there are at least 20 species of Warblers). In fact, the only other person who was in the park when we visited was a birder, binoculars in hand.


We didn’t bring binoculars or a zoom lens on our visit though, we were here for a walking adventure. After crossing the bridge over the shallow stream, my kids took off, running up and down the hilly terrain, winding through twisted branches and over fallen trees and looping back to the picnic area at the middle of the park.




The park does have its downsides though — some of the pathways are blocked by invasive plants and uneven roots and an unsightly stormwater drain empties into a stagnant pool. The path by the drain is a little treacherous at parts so be careful if you visit with little kids.




But despite its not so perfect parts, this diamond in the rough is a worth a visit if you’re looking for a short walk in the woods. Bring some binoculars, a picnic lunch or just enjoy the quiet solitude.


1 Comment

  1. I love this park. I only discovered it years ago when I stumbled upon it… and then found out it was one of the premier birding spots on the east coast, especially during spring and fall migration. It’s great because you can get up on the hillsides, thus closer to the birds in the trees.

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