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Posted by on Aug 1, 2014 | 1 comment

Del Ray’s New Walking Labyrinth

Del Ray’s New Walking Labyrinth

We have a new feature, a labyrinth, at the Del Ray pocket park at the corner of Commonwealth and Del Ray Avenue.


The labyrinth is designed to be is a single path leading to the center for meditative walking. Although the term maze and labyrinth are sometimes used synonymously, I’ve read that they are two separate things. A labyrinth has a single path and a maze is more complex, with more pathways and branches.


The new labyrinth is not only lovely to look at, but is also a nice activity for both kids and adults.


Dana, who lives close by, can see it from her kitchen window. At first, she admits, “I was skeptical that I’d find the spot meditative given the exposed location at the corner of a heavily-used intersection, but I was really excited to give it a try.”


And she’s now quite taken with it. “What I found on my first walk through,” she says, “was a very serene experience. It forces you to move slowly and mindfully and if you focus hard enough, the external sounds of the neighborhood really do fall away. Since it’s opened, I’ve noticed more people stopping to walk along the path. I can see them from my kitchen window and just watching neighbors slow down to wind their way from one part to the other makes me smile. It fills me with almost as much joy as walking the path myself.”

When I tried it, I noticed too that it’s impossible to walk quickly.


It does make you slow down and it would also feel wrong to abandon the maze in the middle. The entire walk takes about 5 minutes.


Naturally, kids try to do the labyrinth as quickly as possible, nearly careening out of control around the corners.


They’re also triumphant when reaching the center.


The labyrinth is part of the Phase 2 plans for the Del Ray Pocket park, which will continue with new tree plantings this month, as shown on the overall site plan.

pocket-park plans

A space for our neighborhood that just keeps getting better and better.

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