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Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 | 0 comments

Artist Profile: April’s Baby Creations

Artist Profile: April’s Baby Creations

April Scripps never ceases to amaze me. She makes her own yogurt, ferments vegetables, makes kombucha, and bone stock, and brews a few batches of beer annually, all of which she does regularly in her home. Today, we feature April’s creations for babies – handsewn, appliqued bibs, crocheted teethers, hair clips, pacifier holders, and rattles.



April buys the wooden beads wholesale and drills holes in the center in her studio. She finishes the wood with beeswax.


She made up the patterns through trial and error, coming up with aesthetically pleasing designs that babies find perfect for grasping and for soothing sore gums.


Some combine teething rings as well as grasping beads to help babies three months and older with their motor skills.


Anyone with a baby knows how much they love ribbons and tags, and April’s toys include several just for that reason.


As you may expect, April’s youngest, baby Aivleen, has her own collection of handmade teethers and toys. She helps April test the products for their durability and appeal.

Here she is trying out one of April’s Montessori-inspired products – the egg and cup. Designed for babies 6 months and older, it becomes baby’s first puzzle and stimulates wrist development and hand-eye coordination.




April only uses organic yarn with no synthetics, pesticides or phosphates. She inserts a crinkly paper inside the teethers to give babies a pleasing texture and sound.

You can buy the egg and cup, teethers, and bibs from April’s website to have shipped to you or to pick up locally in Del Ray.

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