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Posted by on Apr 28, 2014 | 0 comments

Backyard Adventure: Installing a Zipline

Backyard Adventure: Installing a Zipline

If you have two large trees spaced about 50 feet apart on a downward slope, you have the perfect setting for the ultimate outdoor accessory, the zipline.


Chris bought the zipline kit for his kids (age 8 and 6) for Christmas and since then, it’s been the highlight of their wild and wonderful backyard adventure zone (they also have a trampoline and various outdoor games). The kit, from Slackers Zipline, came with the handlebars, a seat and a cable.




Aside from miscalculating the circumference of one of the trees requiring them to order additional cable, installation was pretty simple.

Since the trees didn’t have any branches that would make it easy to secure the cable, Chris put in a few nails to keep the cable from slipping. The slight angle of the trees, however, makes the cable even more stable.


He built a platform on the tree where you start the zipline.


There’s a built-in ladder on the back for climbing up.


The zipline isn’t far off the ground — the highest part is at the start and it sags lower in the middle — so there is little risk of falling and getting hurt. But for littler kids, they make sure to shadow them.


The hardest part is coming in for a landing — just remember to hold on tightly and get your feet ready before you reach the far tree!




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