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Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 | 2 comments

How to Make All-Natural Lip Balm

How to Make All-Natural Lip Balm

There are a lot of cleaning and skin-care products you can make at home — some easy, some quite involved — but as I learned at a demo with Mellenie from Truly-Life, lip balm is on the easy side, a project you can get done in just a few minutes.

DIY Del Ray helped coordinate the demo at Mellenie’s house (one of a series of demos we’ll be hosting this year). We all gathered around the dining table as Mellenie reviewed the supplies and process.


First, you need a scale and a double boiler…



Unbleached beeswax …


Vitamin E oil (available at MOM’s organic market in Arlandria), olive oil and peppermint essence (from La Cuisine in Old Town) …




And containers for the finished product (from the Container Store).


Mellenie used the scale to measure 4 oz of beeswax. You must use unbleached beeswax, she says, not the kind you would find at a craft store to make candles. Since Mellenie makes a lot of lip balm as part of her business, she orders beeswax in bulk from a supplier in Michigan. You might have to do some online research to find a supplier who sells smaller quantities (here’s a supplier I found after a quick search: Mountain Rose Herbs).


She put the beeswax in a double boiler with 1 cup of olive oil and 1/2 tsp of the vitamin E oil. Beeswax is flammable and should not come in direct contact with heat, so you must use a double boiler or, if you don’t have one, a bowl set over a pot of boiling water.


After a few minutes, the beeswax started to break down. She left it on stove until all the chunks were gone, about 5 minutes.


Now that the mixture was completely smooth, Mellenie removed the pot from the heat and added 1 oz of peppermint essence. For flavoring, you need a food grade essence or extract. Do not use essential oil, which should not come in contact with your mouth. La Cuisine in Old Town sells a variety of flavors you can use if you don’t like peppermint. Or, if you prefer plain lip balm, leave out the essence all together.



Using a scrap of aluminum foil as a funnel, Mellenie carefully transferred the mix to individual containers, filling just under the rim.



After a couple of minutes, we noticed a change in color.


When they turned completely opaque, they were ready to use!


For the quantity of ingredients listed above, this batch made about 20 small containers of lip balm — perfect for personal use or as gifts! Mellenie says the lip balm should last about 12-18 months.


If you don’t want to DIY, Mellenie sells her eco-friendly all-natural lip balm in larger compostable tubes through her website.


Do you have a skill you’d like to share with others? What topics would you like to learn? We’d love to hear from you — email with your ideas!


  1. I really enjoyed the demo and I am enjoying the final product. The consistency of the lip balm is perfect. Thanks Mellenie and DIY Del Ray for a great class!

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