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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 | 1 comment

A Valentine Card-Making Extravaganza

A Valentine Card-Making Extravaganza

With Valentine’s Day just a week away, I pulled out a ton of craft supplies so my daughters could make their own Valentine cards. I also bought a few items from Del Ray Variety such as construction paper and heart stickers. Our card-making endeavor is an artistic free-for-all, after we get our juices flowing with a little inspiration from Pinterest and other crafty blogs.



Ana cut out some hearts of different sizes and sewed them on a card she had cut out from the construction paper.


She’s much better at threading embroidery floss than I am, so she also helped me as I sewed a heart row by row starting with a white heart on pink to use as the pattern.


Working with embroidery floss is slow going, just be warned.


It would go faster with yarn, but you’d need to use a thicker paper, like cardstock, or else you’d probably poke the heart right through the card. The back looks just like the front with little ends tucked in. It’s quite sturdy too, but again might work better with cardstock rather than construction paper.


Ana also glued little folded envelopes and hole-punched hearts to cards.


And Nadja used the stickers, more heart shapes, scissors with serrated edges, and little bits of fabric to design her Valentines.


Each one a little different.


Since Nadja needs to bring 20 in for her class and Ana has a long list of recipients herself, I leave the supplies on the table for days until they’re done, not bothering to tidy up. That way they can work on them little by little.


Plus, at age 5, Nadja is not inclined to do all 20 in one session. She’s been doing a few in the mornings before school. And when I sit down at the table, I can’t resist playing around either.


Are you and your kids making any fun homemade Valentines this year?

1 Comment

  1. If you’re looking for even more ways to create your own Valentines Day card, stop by Upcycle Recycle Creative Reuse center this Saturday (2/8), where Sediment Press will be demonstrating screen printing! Free to all, participates will be able to screen print graphics to use during the “Create Your Own Valentine Card” studio time.

    Drop in between 11am and 1pm to get in on the screen printing action!

    (Open studio is from 10am to 2pm).

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