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Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 | 4 comments

Home Sweet Home: Katie’s Living and Dining Space

Home Sweet Home: Katie’s Living and Dining Space

My living and dining room is a space I’ve been working on for years. Constantly revolving, we’ve painted the walls at least four times (now on Benjamin Moore Laguna Blue), rearranged the furniture too many times to count and although it’s not perfect, I feel like it’s finally in a more comfortable place.


I don’t think I have a particular design style, but most of the things we put in our home are family hand-me-downs and gifts, consignment pieces and sentimental favorites.

The sofa is one of a few relatively new purchases, with blankets on the arms as cat scratch deterrents (I’ve lost several sofas due to the heartbreak of feline destruction, the leather is a step-up from past Ikea models). Several items in the room come from the old Potomac West/Not Too Shabby (now Evolution Home) including the coffee table and soda crate in the window.


I love having the piano in the house. It was in my parents’ house when I was growing up, and they gave it to us a couple of years ago thinking it would get more use in our house than theirs.



Opposite the piano, you’ll find the TV on top of a small cabinet (also from Not Too Shabby). We don’t have space in our kitchen for a pantry, so oddly enough, the cabinet doubles as a media cabinet and dry goods storage. (Soon this corner will undergo a major transformation as we start a kitchen demolition project to fix some of our storage issues — stay tuned!) I’m also still loving the carpet runner we installed last year (from Arlandria floors), it makes the stairs softer, safer and quieter.


I try my best to keep toys to a minimum in the room — it’s all too easy for innocent play time to escalate into a full-fledged toy explosion. Who am I kidding, it’s never this orderly on a daily basis.




For wall decor, I’m constantly swapping out items from our archives. Currently on display: a 1900 map of Del Ray and a toddler masterpiece.


Our house was built in 1950, in true post-war boxy style. I am thankful the previous owner installed the bay window for some architectural interest.



At the end of the house is the dining area. Some of my neighbors have a wall separating the two rooms, but ours is one open space.


The hutch was another gift from my parents. It’s one of my favorite things in the house — plenty of space too for storing serving pieces and household items. I bought the table last year from Etsy and the rug has moved from room to room for years.


Finally, this far corner of the room which I’ve written about before has also seen its fair share of transformation. The Ikea shelving is perfect for holding records on the top shelf and art supplies for the kids below.


I love our house because it’s always changing. I love that nothing really matches so it’s easy to add and subtract without worrying about how the rest of the space will look. I love that we are able to surround ourselves with things that remind us of the places and people we love.

We want to hear from you! Do you have a room story to share? Please email and tell us about it and we’ll feature your space here.


  1. Your living and dining rooms look so comfortable and lived in. The spaces look put together but not in such a deliberate way to be fussy, if that makes sense. Excited to see how you transform your kitchen!

    • Thanks Joanna — I understand what you mean! We start kitchen demo on Monday, tearing down a wall and adding a peninsula. We’ll show progress on the blog!

  2. Love that blue! It’s my favorite color… that tint and shade. Like the blue in stained glass and old illuminated manuscripts :-) Your rooms look beautiful!

    • Thanks Renee – I love the color too. It is pretty vibrant in bright light but tones down in the shade. I have a hard time with paint colors but a friend had this in her kitchen and it looked great so I had to copy her.

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