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Posted by on Nov 27, 2013 | 0 comments

Kathrin’s Childhood Room Grows Up

Kathrin’s Childhood Room Grows Up

Ten-year-old Kathrin is at that age when she’s no longer a young child, not quite a teen, yet wanting to assert a more grown-up style and personality. One way mom Heidi let Kathrin express herself was by letting her redesign her bedroom. Together, Heidi and Kathrin restyled the room into a personal and sophisticated space for a growing girl. Here’s how they worked together:


1. Choosing a theme and color.
Kathrin picked shades of mauve for her room, which had been royal blue. She also asked for a “Paris” theme, which Heidi was able to fulfill easily with some fitting accessory purchases from Home Goods like this model of the Eiffel Tower and an illustration of a Paris scene.


Heidi found shimmery grey curtains at Home Goods that give the room a feminine, romantic air.


But with jewel accents that go a bit over the top, creating a look that is just perfect for a girls’ French “salon.”


She also hung sheer purple floor-length drapes over the closet, adding another soft accent on the opposite side of the room.


2. Making small-space and age-appropriate furniture choices.
The space is tiny, slightly smaller than 8 x 10, but the furniture Heidi chose not only fits perfectly, it is exactly what Kathrin needs. She doesn’t need storage for toys or a collection of picture and board books anymore. Instead, she needs a work space, room to store school and hobby supplies and a place to keep clothes. Her IKEA day bed, which takes up one side of the room, has two drawers underneath for storing clothes. She hangs most of her wardrobe in the closet.


Opposite her bed, Heidi placed a fold-down desk, also from IKEA, with a separate cubby of shelves that rest on top.


She bought a small armoire from Home Goods, with a floral bird stencil on front, that Kathrin uses for binders and other school and craft supplies.


3. Keeping remembrances of childhood.
Kathrin loves her room even if the (darling) photo of her above her bed was taken when she was much younger. (Her brother has one in his room too.)


She also takes a lot of pride still in her stuffed animal collection.


And another sweet reminder that this is still a child’s room is this needlepoint piece that Heidi’s Grandmother had given her, saying it reminded her of Heidi and her sister.


In all, Kathrin’s room is not only charming, but also functional. It is the perfect mix of the little girl that Kathrin still is and a playful nod to a more grown-up style and her teen years right around the corner.

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