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Posted by on Nov 14, 2013 | 0 comments

The Wonders of Stained Glass

The Wonders of Stained Glass

I love seeing old homes with original built-in stained glass windows. My grandparents’ Victorian style house in New York had one — it was small, but prominently displayed at the front of the house, like a beating heart. Stained glass is the mark of an artisan who took the time to say, let’s make this house extra special. We’ve seen many examples around Del Ray of how people have incorporated the warm, colorful glow of stained glass into their home decor.

Barbara hung vintage stained glass windows with hooks over existing windows in her kitchen and stairway.



Margaret also hung a series of old windows on the second floor of Del Ray Cafe.


Tim and Kari from the Midget Inn built an old window into the wall in their basement speakeasy. Its amber hue lets in light but also divides the rooms.


You’ll find old windows and stained glass relics at places like Evolution Home (formerly Potomac West) and Community Forklift. Possibilities are endless.


Vintage Windows at Community Forklift

Barbara added a classic stained glass table lamp to her home art studio.


David’s pendant is a newer model, but stunning all the same.

stained glass pendant lamp

Does your house have original stained glass windows? Or have you incorporated vintage or new stained glass in your decor? We’d love to see what you’ve done!

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