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Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 | 3 comments

Constructing the Yarn Bomb Holiday Tree

Constructing the Yarn Bomb Holiday Tree

Throughout the fall, many volunteer stitchers have been working nonstop on crochet or knit squares, garlands, and ornaments to adorn a holiday tree that coincides with the Del Ray Business Association’s annual display on the Mt. Vernon Avenue. We’ve amassed an impressive number of contributions and with only weeks to go, we now have the tree armature ready too.


The intrepid owners of UpCycle Creative Reuse Center (CRC), whose mission is to collect and redistribute reusable materials for art and learning purposes, built an impressive structure – the armature – that will provide space for every inch of yarn and withstand the elements during the holiday season.


The real-life construction looks a lot like the original sketch, wouldn’t you say?


Metal clamps secure the wires that extend down to the hula hoops on each level.


We straightened out sections of chicken wire and cut them to size to fit between the hoops and mimic the look of an evergreen tree.



It’s so tall, we had to move it close to the UpCycle stairs to fix the wire in place with more clamps.



Next, Stephanie, our resident mathematician, eagerly worked on devising the dimensions of the paper template we will use to lay out the yarn pieces. We plan to use a paper template as a blueprint indoors so we can arrange the squares like a huge puzzle and then stitch them together.


We still need to decide if we want to seam everything together into blanket-like pieces or sew individual pieces directly to the chicken wire. We might end up needing a few crazy shapes at the end as filler. Susan suggested we start in the middle of each piece and work outward.


I couldn’t resist including Stephanie’s math notes. Math does come in handy for us artistic types now and again!


Stephanie’s final assessment is a bigger sum than when we did the initial calculations, but more squares have come in as well. We should be okay.


We are still accepting 12 x 12 inch square knit or crochet squares, and pom-poms for ornaments, or anything else you’d like to offer. You can get acrylic yarn to use from UpCycle (where you can also donate yarn).


We will be announcing work sessions on the UpCycle web site for stitching the final pieces together too and through our Google group which you are welcome to join.


  1. That will be so cool!

  2. Love that you included the “everyday math” component! Looks like it will be spectacular! You’ll follow-up with the finished product, I hope?

    • Yes, of course we will!!

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