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Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 | 3 comments

Roasted Butternut Squash Three Ways

Roasted Butternut Squash Three Ways

So many great meals start with the simple process of roasting – an easy, hands-off way to bring out the rich flavors of vegetables. In the case of the butternut squash, roasting becomes the basis of three of my favorite go-to seasonal dishes.

To roast, I cut one large peeled squash and 1/2 an onion into rather large chunks. Then, I drizzle with olive oil and some salt and pepper.


The squash cooks for about 45-50 minutes at 425 degrees until soft and the onions start to caramelize. The smell is divine. (You can roast squash a day in advance in you’re short on time.)


Mashed/Pureed Butternut Squash

Straight from the oven, the squash is ready to eat and makes a delicious side dish. It’s a staple on our Thanksgiving table. Just mash up the chunks or give the whole thing a whirl in a food processor for a smoother puree. Adjust salt and pepper to taste and add a tsp of cinnamon, if desired.


Butternut Squash Soup

Another staple, this soup couldn’t be easier if you roast the squash in advance. Put the roasted squash in a pot, add enough chicken or vegetable stock to almost cover the squash and simmer until completely warmed. Puree with an immersion or regular blender and add more stock if it’s too thick for your liking.


I also add a smidge of cinnamon and then swirl in about a tablespoon of cream or half and half.


Keeping this low on cream leaves me no guilt enjoying this already rich soup with a buttery grilled cheese sandwich.

Butternut Squash Galette

And finally, roasted butternut squash meets goat cheese and sage in a rustic galette. First, roll out a pie crust (either homemade or, like I did, store-bought) and fill with the roasted squash, leaving about two inches along the sides. Top with some goat cheese and chopped fresh sage and fold over the sides to the middle, creating a ripple around the edges.


Bake at 375 degrees for about 40-45 minutes until the crust turns golden.


Slice, and enjoy as a appetizer or as a light vegetarian entree.


Do you have any favorite roasted butternut squash recipes? I’m always looking for more ideas!


  1. Thanks for the delicious recipes! I can’t wait to cook them!

  2. That tart looks divine! I’m looking forward to trying that! I have a post I did on butternut squash (also a favorite) with a couple of recipes – the pasta with squash is one of the family favorites. I also make homemade ravioli with squash, hazelnut, and feta filling – I almost had them at the food swap. Maybe next time.

    • I have a pasta machine but have never used it (except in a cooking class about 12 years ago). I’d love to break it out and start making pasta! Those dishes look so good!

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