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Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 | 5 comments

A Yarn Bombed Holiday Tree In the Works

A Yarn Bombed Holiday Tree In the Works

The Del Ray yarn bombers are working furiously to get their first public exhibit ready, a holiday tree made entirely of yarn to coincide with the Del Ray Business Association’s annual display. UpCycle Creative Reuse Center (CRC), whose mission is to collect and redistribute reusable materials for art and learning purposes, is leading the effort. By one estimate, we need approximately 160 6 x 6 inch squares to create a life-size Christmas tree, and although we’ve made decent progress, we have a ways to go.


Susan, one of the owners of UpCycle, sketched a design for the tree “armature,” which will be a wooden center frame and hoops, hung in three circles and connected with wire. Soccer goal netting will be stretched between the hoops so we can attach the yarn pieces to the exterior. We’ll do the assembly of each horizontal section inside and then fit them on the tree outside.


You can see the design pinned to the wall at UpCycle, where we’re keeping completed yarn contributions and holding stitching sessions to work on the project.



I got into making garlands, for example, and wore one as a scarf at the UpCycle booth at the last First Thursday.


…where we showcased some of the sample crochet squares we’ll use to build the Christmas tree, and recruited more volunteers.


We also collected donations from stitchers who had been working on contributions on their own, like these crochet stars.


Children who came to the booth on First Thursday made ornaments by wrapping wooden rings with various pieces of yarn. Won’t these look fabulous on the tree?


You can find dates on future stitching sessions on the UpCycle web site – opportunities to learn how to knit or crochet, or make an ornament or pom-pom. We’ll also be teaching knitting and crochet skills at Art on the Avenue on October 5 at the Kids Art Korner on Mt. Vernon Field.


If you have green acrylic yarn to donate or need some to take with you, stop by UpCycle. They also have a nice selection of  pattern books. If you already know how to knit or crochet, this project is a fun way to try out a new stitch or technique.


To stay in the loop on this Christmas tree project and other  more”stealthy” yarn bomb projects, join the Yarn Bomb e-mail list.


  1. How fun! I’ll get to work on the snowflakes right away!

  2. Some of the knitting and crochet you’ve shown aren’t 6″ x 6″ squares. Were they for another project?

    Do you want or need donations of other colors of acrylic yarn?

    • Hi Elaina,
      I’m the one holding the really big squares in the picture above, which I knitted, and they too are for the tree. You do not have to limit yourself to 6 by 6; we used that as a standard size for the calculations, but have branched out since then. Squares, triangles, garlands are all ok–we’ll make it work!

      And I believe UpCycle will take any yarn as donation (not even just acrylic); non-green yarn might get used for other projects, and they are setting green shades aside for the tree.

      Thanks for the lovely post, Leslie!

  3. I have a stash of green yarn that is 75% acrylic and 25% wool. Will that work or does it have to be all acrylic? I’ve used this yarn before for kid stuff and it washes well so I believe it will be okay outside but just wanted to double check. Thanks. Also, how many squares do you still need?

    • Hi Lisa,
      75% acrylic 25% wool should be fine. And at this point, we’ll take as many squares as we can get! We probably still need several dozen. Thanks !

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