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Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 | 1 comment

DIY Pets: Preserving Your Dog’s Paw Print

DIY Pets: Preserving Your Dog’s Paw Print

My neighbor John told me about this paw print project he found and really want to do with his dog Patton. Of course, I wanted to try it with our dog Star (of the upcycled dog sweater and braided dog toy fame). So, we got together on a sunny morning to memorialize our dogs’ unique paw prints, uncertain if the dogs would go along or bite us. Just in case, we planned to ply our dogs with milk bones and peanut butter.


We brought out a bucket for washing the ink-stained paws, towels, and paint roller…


As well as sketchbook paper, and black paint.


Star looked on cluelessly while Patton took his turn first.


John pressed Patton’s paw on the roller to thoroughly cover all pads…



And then pressed his paw firmly on the sketch paper.



Patton was remarkably patient if somewhat bored (yawn).


He hung in there quite well though, having to endure several tries. Ultimately, John realized that putting Patton’s full weight onto the paper resulted in a better print.


Star was clearly less cooperative.


But, luckily, I got some decent results after just a few tries.


After the initial prints dried, John went over the one he liked the most with some of the black paint to give the outline more definition. But, he liked the dappled effect in the middle, which shows the texture of the pads of a dog’s paws, and he darkened in the claw marks.


Later, he plans to frame the paw print and hang it proudly in his home. It’s a really nice keepsake and, as the blogger who first described the project wrote, you could track the growth of your puppy’s paw this way. Of course, with a bit more of a struggle and maybe some nips.

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  1. What a cute idea!

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