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Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 | 2 comments

My Upcycled Fall Sweater Wreath

My Upcycled Fall Sweater Wreath

I decided I needed a change from the hand-knitted wreath I’ve hung in the fall for the past couple of years. So, this week I made a new wreath from upcycled, felted sweaters. I got the idea from this blogger whose version has slightly different look, with more uneven edges. For my wreath, it took three sweaters, two adult and one baby, and a stash of felted sweater pieces from an Etsy vendor to complete the project.


This was a size large wool sweater I found for $1 a second-hand store that I felted down to, I’d say, a child’s large size. To felt the sweater, I simply threw into a hot wash a few times and then straight into the dryer.


These were the felted pieces I bought from Etsy. I wanted to add them to the project so I could control the color scheme a bit, having decided on warm fall colors.


To make the wreath, I cut out a template in the shape of an approximately 3-inch diameter circle.


I then cut out all the circles I could manage from all of the felt. This step took about 2 hours, but it wasn’t as difficult to cut the thick pieces as I had anticipated.



All told, the project required about 80 circles, a mix of thin and thick pieces.



Next, I found a hanger in the closet…


And bent it into a circle, keeping the hook at the top in place so I could twist and untwist the wreath easily.


I arranged the circles into a pleasing pattern….


And then poked each felted circle onto the hanger. This was also easier than I had anticipated. I didn’t have to force them at all.


And, just like that, I slid them one by one into place around the hanger.



When the wreath was nice and full, I tacked the upper two pieces together with a bit of thread. This kept an empty gap from forming at the top, when, after hanging the wreath upright, the side pieces would start to slide down a bit.


And here it is, in all its upcycled glory. The color is a bit lighter in this photo due to the bright midday sun. The lesson here, I suppose, is to never fret if you accidentally put your favorite wool sweater in the washer. Because, look what you can make.



  1. I LOVE it! It is now on my list of things to do.

  2. So pretty! I just love this!

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