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Posted by on Aug 29, 2013 | 1 comment

DIY Kids: Nature Weaving

DIY Kids: Nature Weaving

When we go on weekend getaways, I like to bring a craft project along for the kids to do, or at least some basic supplies – scissors, glue, yarn, wire, paper, and so on – so we can make something up. On this trip to a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I had an idea to weave found objects in nature like leaves, bark, and moss into a loom made from sticks. On Saturday afternoon, I found some perfectly shaped sticks near a swimming hole, with long handles and V-shaped openings.


We strung the yarn from side to side to make the warp.


I used gardening twine for mine.


Then, we used the various nature objects to make the artistic designs, weaving them “over and under” the warp. Sometimes, we just pushed pieces in where they fit best.




Here’s mine…




And Ana’s with a wire spiral as an additional flourish…


We displayed them on our cabin porch until it was time to leave. Then, I carefully packed them for the ride home. Now they’re out on the back patio propped against the fence as garden ornaments.


I love weaving and other similar easy projects to do with kids. We’re hoping these looms withstand the outdoors for a while, but we’ll add new leaves, branches and found objects as the seasons change.

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