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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 | 36 comments

Giveaway: Canning Jars from Del Ray Variety

Giveaway: Canning Jars from Del Ray Variety

Since we’re on a canning kick here at DIY Del Ray and 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the first true “mason jar,” what better time for a giveaway! Thanks to Del Ray Variety, we’re giving away a 6-pack of the Blue Ball Heritage Canning Jars to one lucky reader.

Even if you don’t can, there are many uses for these jars. I turned the blue jars into lanterns for my back yard.

mason jar lantern

Last year we painted clear mason jars for Halloween luminaries.

mason jar luminaries

Rebecca uses mason jars to store dry goods in her pantry.


You can use them as is as drinking glasses.


The storage and decorating possibilities are endless.

To enter the giveaway, comment on this post and tell us how you’d like to use the jars. Don’t know yet? Just make something up!

PRIZE: One (1) six-pack of Blue Ball Heritage Canning Jars
DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 28 at 11:59 pm EST
WINNER: One lucky winner will be chosen by and notified on Thursday, August 29 by email. We’ll also announce the winner on this blog post and our social sites — make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for additional notice.
PRIZE REDEEMABLE: Jars can be picked up at Del Ray Variety at 203 E Custis Ave. in Del Ray.
TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us how you’d like to use the jars (One comment entry per person please.)
WHO’S ELIGIBLE: This giveaway is open to anyone who lives near the Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA, who can pick up the jars in person.

See our complete terms and conditions page for more details.

For more special offers, giveaways and demos from Del Ray Variety make sure to like/follow them on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a canner or love mason jars, they’ve got a wide selection of jars and canning supplies at their store.

del ray variety


  1. These jars would be fantastic for paint pouring! I mix all my own colors for abstract “paint pours” on unprimed canvas – and love to use this exact type of glass jar <3

  2. I would give half to my mamaw who hosts annual apple butter making and has graciously given me jars for years and the other half my husband and I would use to can something this fall – maybe some tomato sauce from the numerous green tomatoes we have on our vines. We are moving into our new home today and for the first time in nearly a decade have a full sized stove so we can finally learn to can. Not the most creative of uses, but we can’t wait to can for the first time!!

  3. I am using these for canning! Today it’s peaches, and I love these vintage jars.

  4. These jars are beautiful! I would definitely use them for gifting – either my peach bourbon jam or my pickling spice mix – maybe at the Del Ray Food Swap!

  5. I would use them for salsa canning I plan to do later this summer

  6. I’d love to organize my kitchen pantry better and use them for kitchen staples.

  7. I’d tried to replicate my mother’s recipe for Plum Jam!

  8. dried goods storage! reusable and make the cabinets look nice and neat.

  9. These jars are very pretty. I saw them at the Del-Ray Variety Store when I was there on Saturday. Pickles are a must in Indian homes, and served with lunch and dinner. I’d use the jars to make the traditional Indian lime pickle, (“Nimbu ka achaar)which every North Indian family has its own recipes for.
    A very simple recipe is: Wash and sterilize the jars. Cut two dozen medium to large limes in quarters–the cut should not go all the way through, so the segments are still attached to each other. Remove the seeds, if you like.
    Cover with a 3/4 cup white rock/sea salt. Cover the jars tightly and keep in the sun for two weeks, until the limes turn brown. That’s it. The trick is to let the sun cook the limes. The older the pickle, the more it is valued for its medicinal properties. I have one that my mother made more than 20 years ago.
    Serve on the side with a traditional Indian meal, such as lentils and rice. Enjoy!

  10. I would also use these jars to store pickles – yum!

  11. I LOVE the 100th anniversary jars, and they are my favorite color! I would use them for drinking glasses and/or for solar powered lanterns in my backyard!! :)

  12. The color is so beautiful and nostalgic! I would use these jars to store dry beans and grains on my pantry shelf. I may also try making some lamps for the front porch?

  13. I re-use spaghetti sauce and jam jars to store my beans, lentils and rice, but these would be so much prettier!

  14. Hmmm…this would be a great project to keep me busy on maternity leave! If I have any free time, that is! 😉 I might use them for crafts or be really brave and try my hand at canning some Christmas presents ahead of schedule.

  15. I’d like to use the jars for my first ever attempt at natural fermentation! And for giving away sourdough starter produced by the wild yeasts in Del Ray : )

  16. We store spices and dry goods in jars and these would make an excellent addition to the collection!

  17. I’d like to use them for the Del Ray Food swap!

  18. I have so many ideas, but they’ll probably be used for our fall Applebutter canning!

  19. all we need is more mason jars! right. they get put to all sorts of use around here – canning peaches, tomatoes, pickles, and jams for the off-season, storing bulk items like beans and baking goods in the pantry, homemade kimchi, putting flowers around the house. the seem to be all over the place, and yet, we never fail to find a use for them.

  20. I am a 1950s pinup model, so I am sure some would end up as props for a photo shoot. But I would love to store my gluten free flours in them!

  21. With fall approaching I would can apple butter and apple sauce. Yum!

  22. I love the idea you posted months ago of canning different ice cream toppings as a gift.

  23. I would make one last batch of Peach Salsa. Yum!

  24. I’m planning a batch of fig jam

  25. I would use them for storing grilled peach salsa or roasted tomatoes for the Del Ray food swap. I love the lantern idea as well. Thanks for posting the giveaway and for being a wonderful addition to this vibrant neighborhood. We love the Del Ray Variety!

  26. One for white sugar, one for light brown sugar, one for dark brown sugar, one for raw sugar, one for powdered sugar…and one for a vase! I’m a bit of a baker :)

  27. Barbecue sauce.

  28. I would either use them for canning, or with the new Cuppow BNTO for lunch! (

  29. My wife would love these. She’s been wanting to learn how to do canning, and a good set of these would be a perfect way for her to learn. :)

  30. I would use them for canning some tasty gourmet sauces.

  31. I have one mason jar that I use to pack my lunch in daily. I make a salad in the jar by putting the dressing on the bottom and layering veggies in it starting with the hard veggies like carrots and cukes. Then, working my way up to the greens. If I had more jars, I would prep a weeks worth of salads in one night!

  32. Definitely for pickling!

  33. Would love to use them to store my dried goods that I have been buying in bulk. Thank you!

  34. For now I will use them to store dry items like walnuts, rice, etc. but once I have a yard and garden I will fill them with the food I grew!

  35. Add them to my collection of OLD canning jars. I’m 64 years old and have some dried green bean seeds that were started by my great great grandfather stored in an old canning jar. I’d put some in the “anniversary jars” if I’d receive them.

  36. Thanks for all your wonderful responses! We got some great new ideas for using mason jars. Our randomly selected winner is Jordan Lieberman! Congrats Jordan! Check your email for instructions how to redeem your mason jars.