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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 | 0 comments

A Girls’ Shared Bedroom Two Ways

A Girls’ Shared Bedroom Two Ways

My daughters’ shared bedroom started out with their hand-me-down bunk beds (passed down three generations) set up side by side. I wrote about their 8 x 10 room, a “perfect fit,” when we repainted and redecorated two years ago almost to the day. It was a happy arrangement…


…until, over the winter, they began clamoring for bunk beds. So, in doing so, we made other changes to make this alternate arrangement work. And, in the meantime, we had turned their closet into Ana’s hideaway office.

closet turned office

And I created a bird “paint-by-numbers” art wall on their door.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let me share one big revelation and piece of advice: If you’re going to rearrange and redecorate your child’s room and if you don’t repaint the room in doing so, it will retain a decidedly “lived in” look, which may, very likely, include an accumulation of stickers. That is, if you didn’t enforce a “no sticker rule on walls and furniture” in the first place. As Ana and Nadja’s room attests, I had not.



That said, here’s how we accomplished the new room arrangement. Where we had situated the bookshelf before, next to the closet-turned-office, we put the bunk beds. From this…


To this….with Nadja on the bottom bunk.


And Ana occupying the top bunk.


They keep scarves and bags on the back railing.


And the bookshelf is now situated where Ana’s bed had been, to the left of the back window.


I kept her shelf in the same place, but over time, as you can see, she had added a lot of artwork, souvenirs, and even more stickers.



They keep their doll beds on the floor on that wall too. The new arrangement affords them a lot more floor space. They used to argue about where to put the doll beds when floor space was at premium.


Ana’s dresser now goes in the corner where Nadja’s bed used to be. We had to install a wall-mounted fan too, or else the top bunk would become way too hot in the summer months.


The window ledge has become their place to display shared nail polish and their names in blocks.


As much as I loved the roller blinds with yellow ball fringe hot glued to the hem, I eventually had to replace them with pleated shades – the roller blinds didn’t stand the test of time and would no longer work.


We also no longer had room for this vintage end table, which ended up at the MV Big Flea.

Refurbished Bedside Table

Instead we’re using a different Big Flea purchase complete with play phone.


Although I was dubious that we could go back to bunk beds without covering one of the two windows, my husband convinced me it could be done. And, it’s worked out well.


Nadja keeps her clothes in bins under the bottom bunk as well as various other toys in bins. Since Ana keeps her clothes in her own dresser, and we hang dresses on the back of the main door, storage isn’t an issue.

They now have more floor space for spreading out and dressing their dolls or playing games with friends. And, I don’t have to make one of the two beds anymore. All good things. If we decide to go back to two beds on the floor, that would be fine too, after some serious decluttering and a new coat of paint this time.

If you have a kids’ bedroom you’d be willing to share with our readers, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at info[at]

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