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Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 | 3 comments

DIY Kids: The Popcorn Taste Test

DIY Kids: The Popcorn Taste Test

On my day hosting Camp Del Ray (our 5-day, 5-family summer camp co-op), in addition to the DIY bubble wand activity, I conducted a popcorn taste test as a combined activity and afternoon snack.


I thought up four different toppings both savory and sweet, and one I figured would for sure challenge their palates. In secret, I got the toppings ready:  evaporated milk and dried dill (top) – the more challenging of flavors, sprinkles (right), Heath bar (bottom), Mac ‘n Cheese powdered cheese (left).


I made a big pot of plain popcorn on the stove and while it was almost done, melted butter in the microwave. The butter helped the ingredients stick to the popcorn, like the sprinkles.


I then put a little of each kind on a plate with a piece of paper next to it, to use for voting.  This is number one, the “dill dip” topping.


The kids each took a turn trying each one, one after another, and marking a tally for “Yes” or “No” next to the plate.


They took the task very seriously but thought it was a lot of fun too.


I was quite surprised by the results.


It seems everyone had one flavor they didn’t like at all, apart from the chocolate caramel flavor, which was hands down the top favorite. It didn’t hurt that the chocolate melted onto the popcorn.


After all votes were cast, I made another plate of each child’s favorite choice. Each kind was chosen by at least one child. The least favorite choice ended up being the sprinkles.


I have to admit that the chocolate caramel popcorn was superbly good and it made the house smell divine too. I had originally thought of trying a truffle salt topping. Maybe next time?


Can you think of any good topping choices to include in a popcorn taste test?


  1. I don’t make popcorn very often but I love it with cinnamon sugar like you would use on toast…also olive oil instead of butter, black pepper and parmesan.

    • I’ll try those toppings Tess. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. At my house we make air-popped popcorn, add a touch of melted butter, and we love to use both garlic powder (the best is California-style by McCormick) and we also like to use McCormick perfect pinch Caribbean Jerk seasoning. Kids probably won’t like those, but this homemade popcorn is so much better than the stuff in the microwave bags (and healthier of course too).

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