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Posted by on Jul 8, 2013 | 0 comments

Beach Crafts: Painting Shells, Driftwood and Postcards

Beach Crafts: Painting Shells, Driftwood and Postcards

We always try to have a few crafts planned when we go out of town. On our recent beach trip, we decorated shells and driftwood and painted handmade postcards to send to friends at home.


For the painted shells and driftwood, all we needed was some paint and brushes. My mom is an artist so she always has these around, but you can use any acrylic or craft paint available at a variety or art store. We found shells on the beach that were big enough to give the kids enough surface area to work.


We put a few drops of paint on paper plates and then got to work.


Calvin made a turtle.



Jack went the patriotic route.



My mom went beachy.


And I painted stripes on a piece of driftwood. Not sure what I will do with it but for now it just rests on a window ledge.


After the paint dried, we applied a layer of Mod Podge to give the shells and wood a glossy sheen.

My mom also showed us how to make our own postcards using watercolor crayons (of course you can use regular crayons, markers, or the medium of choice).


The watercolor crayons are a lot of fun and their colors are vivid. You lightly color the paper with the crayon, and then use a paint brush and water to transform the crayon into paint.




To make the postcards, all she did was outline the size of a regular postcard on thick watercolor paper. After painting, she cut them to size, wrote a message on back and stuck on a stamp. My mom assured me you can send them as is — you don’t need any special protective coating for the paint.


What beach crafts have you been working on? Here are some more ideas for projects that Leslie made last summer.

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